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    The North Allegheny School District has entered into an agreement with Google to provide free access to Google Apps for Education for all of our students grades 3 - 12 as well as all professional staff in the District. Within Google Apps for Education (GAFE), students and staff will have the ability to utilize web-based word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, calendar, and site-based tools (to name a few). External email is available in selected grades, for the purposes of online materials and textbooks may be activated for registration and periodic maintenance. The external use of email beyond NASD purposes will be limited and monitored for these purposes.

    While the District also provides access to Microsoft Office applications on District computers, the Google accounts will allow students and staff with Internet access to collaborate with their peers and faculty members in real time, regardless of their location. Additionally, students and staff will no longer need to be in the same place when working on group or collaborative projects. The Google Apps accounts will be housed within a "closed" domain, limiting the ability of students and staff to collaborate with individuals who are not affiliated with NASD.