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  • The NASH Library is open every school day from 7:00 am - 3:30 pm.
    Laura Wienand
    Sharon Smith
    Library Secretary


    The NASH School Library provides students and staff access to over 20,000 items. The library catalog, NASH Destiny, allows patrons to search the library's physical and digital resources. A variety of subscription databases including Biography Resource Center, Congressional Quarterly, Culturegrams, Issues and Controversies, NoodleTools Online Citation, Opposing Viewpoints, Student Resource Center, and World News Digest are available through our computer search stations. These digital resources are all available for use any time, at school or at home, by clicking on the tabs in the sidebar.

    The librarian provides access to and instruction in the use of a variety of information sources, as information literacy and technology objectives are totally integrated with curricular objectives from various disciplines. This is accomplished through collaboration and planning between the librarian and curricular area teachers. The library flexibly schedules classes as requested and accommodates large numbers of study hall students pursuing independent work each period. As students participate in these learning activities, they discover the wide applicability of information literacy and technology skills to all areas of study and develop the independent skills necessary to function successfully in today's information-rich world. Each secondary library is staffed by a full-time certified librarian as well as a library secretary.