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    Name: Lance Rhinehart
    Grade(s): 11 and 12
    Room Number(s): 232
    Subject(s): English
    Building Phone: 724-934-7200
    Advanced Placement English 3, Honors Argument, Fiction 2
    (Please see Blackboard for class materials and information.)
    District Activities I Sponsor/Coach:
    College in Highschool (CHS) Public Forum Debate
    My obsession with language and all its components seems to have invaded my world view since I can remember. It seems to have been the backdrop against which all or most of my life's decisions have been made. When I recognized it as a companion that had always been by my side, I decided to respect it as the focus of my education, industry, and cognition.
    I see language as our center and all discplines branching from it...without it nothing occurs. We think with it, speak with it, express with it, imagine with it, create with it, design with it, recall with it, describe with it, entertain with it, conceptualize with it, empathize with it...so on and so on.
Last Modified on October 5, 2020