The Process


1.     You must choose a partner for this Project. 

2. the websites listed below to gather knowledge on tobacco and then answer the questions on the Tobacco Questionnaire.  Your group will need to turn this questionnaire in before moving on to the next step.

·                    Diseases caused by Smoking

·                    Centers for disease control

·                    World Health Organization

·                  Follow Link to Tobacco Ad Gallery:


3.        You will need to create a Flyer in Microsoft Publisher to promote Kick Butts Day!  Your flyer should include the following information:

·        A Catchy Title

·        Colorful Presentation

·        At least 3-5 Facts about the Dangers of Tobacco

·        A slogan:  example…”It’s no joke…Don’t smoke!”

·        Advertise “Kick Butts Day” at IMS (Thursday April 13, 2017)


4.        Your next step is to convince your fellow IMS students that smoking cigarettes and using tobacco are not cool.  You will need to write a SONG OR POEM that emphasizes the dangers of tobacco. The song or poem will be performed at the end of the unit. The Song or Poem should be typed in Microsoft Word.    The song should include the following information:

·        Song Title

·        Importance of being tobacco free and not smoking

·        Relevant Statistics

·        The song or poem should be at least 14 lines in length


5.  Create a Tobacco Free Commitment Card in Microsoft Publisher.  Your card should include the following information:

·        A Title (example)    “TOBACCO FREE FOR LIFE”

·        Brief explanation of what the card means

·        Facts may be included

·        A Graphic that sums up the message of the card

·        A signature line


6.  Write an announcement in Microsoft Word to encourage all staff and students to participate in the IMS “KICK BUTTS DAY” EVENT.

·        Information about Kick Butts Day

·        Facts about Tobacco

·        Be creative in how you present information   

7. Create a Public Service Announcement/Commercial that makes students think twice about ever using tobacco.  It should include:  Information on Tobacco, Clear Theme, statistics if relevant and a creative presentation.  You can share with coach in Google Drive or Airdrop.   You can film at home, during class, homeroom or an activity period.  You can use iPads to film your PSA and iMovie to edit your PSA.


8. For extra credit:  Write a letter to a close friend, family member or anyone that you care about that you would like to quit smoking or using tobacco products.  Your letter should be typed in Microsoft word.  The letter should include the following information.

·        The first name only of the person to whom you are writing

·        Why you want this person to stop smoking or using tobacco

·        Statistics and relevant information about tobacco use

·        Appropriate spelling, punctuation and writing skills

Click here to find out where and how to quit (include this website in your letter)                                                                                                         


9. For extra credit:  Write a letter to a tobacco company expressing your feelings about the tobacco industry and its responsibility to the consumer.  The letter should include:

·        The name of the CEO or president of the company

·        The address of the company

·        Your views on the tobacco industry

·        Statistics and Relevant Information

·        Appropriate spelling, punctuation and writing skills on the Smoke Stack to see a complete list of Tobacco Companies


Other Articles and Resources:  The Truth about the Tobacco Industry

                                                Spotlight on the Tobacco Industry



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