Grading and Homework Policy
    Mrs. Christa Klein

    Learning Support

    Email: cklein@northallegheny.org

    Grading Policy:                                                                       Classroom Guidelines:                       

    100-90 = A                                                                            1. Be prompt.

    80-89 = B                                                                             2. Be prepared.

    70-79 =  C                                                                             3. Be productive.

    60-69 = D                                                                              4. Be polite.

    Point System

    ·        Students will accumulate points on in-class assignments, homework, quizzes, tests, and daily points. 

    ·        Students can earn five points daily for attendance, behavior, completed work, participation, and homework. These points are incorporated into quarterly total points.

    ·        Students can redo any failed test or quiz if arrangements are made outside of class time before the end of the grading period.

    Late Homework Assignments:

    • Those not completed by the due date may be turned in the following day for 1/2 ½ credit.


    ·        Students should check Tyler/Gradebook frequently for current grades.  

    Extra Assistance for All Students:

    • Students are welcome to work with me before school. during homeroom, and/or activity period by appointment basis based upon my availability.



Last Modified on August 21, 2015