• Homework Assignments vary for every student, therefore they will not posted on my web site. 

    Students should refer to their assignment books for their nightly assignments. 
    Grading Policy:                                               Classroom Guidelines:                       

    100-90 =  A                                                    1. Be prompt.

    80-89 =  B                                                      2. Be prepared.

    70-79 =   C                                                     3. Be productive.

    60-69 =  D                                                      4. Be polite.

    Point System

    ·         Students will accumulate points on in-class assignments, homework, quizzes, tests, and projects.

    Late Homework Assignments:
    • Those not completed by the due date may be turned in the following day for ½ credit.


    ·         Students should check Tyler/Gradebook frequently for current grades.  


    Extra Assistance for All Students:

    • Students are welcome to work with me during homeroom and activity period.  Please let me know the day before if you plan on coming in during homeroom.


Last Modified on February 13, 2015