•  English 8

    Mrs. Andreas


    Course Description:

                Literature, writing, listening,speaking, vocabulary, and critical thinking are integrated throughout the 8thgrade English course. Students read, discuss, and analyze a play, novels,poetry, short stories, non-fiction, and essays. Characterization, plot, setting, and theme are defined, identified, andanalyzed in class discussions and in written assignments for non-fiction.  Author's purpose and recognizing importantdetails are the focus of the non-fiction and essays. 

    Writing assignments emphasize developing a centralidea and supporting that thesis with accurate specific information. The writingprocess is utilized – prewriting and brainstorming, drafting, revising andediting, and publishing.  Standard usage,correct spelling, proper mechanics, and precise wording are taught andevaluated.  Students also develop publicspeaking and listening skills informally during class discussions and lecture,and formally by preparing and presenting speeches and drama.  Clear concise written and oral communicationis emphasized.

    Additionally, preparation for the PSSA tests inwriting and reading is incorporated into daily and specially preparedlessons. 

    Finally, technology growth is also part of the coursethrough research, publishing, and Accelerated Reader testing.

    Sample Course Titles:

    Short Stories:

    ·        "TheTell-Tale Heart" by Edgar AllenPoe

    ·        "TheAdventure of the Speckled Band" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    ·        "Flowersfor Algernon" by Daniel Keyes

    ·         “The Monkey’s Paw” by W. W. Jacobs

    ·        “TheTreasure of Lemon Brown” by Walter Dean Myers

    ·        “Rulesof the Game” by Amy Tan


    Novel and Nonfiction:

    ·        The Call of the Wild by Jack London

    ·        Parallel Journeys by Eleanor Ayer



    ·        The Diary of Anne Frank, the play version by AlbertHacket and Francis Goodrich


    ·        "PaulRevere's Ride" by Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

    ·        "OCaptain!  My Captain!" by WaltWhitman

    ·        "ForMy Sister Molly Who in the Fifties" by Alice Walker

    ·         “The Choice” by Dorothy Parker

    ·        “RingOut, Wild Bells” by Alfred Lord Tennyson

    ·        “OCaptain!  My Captain” by Walt Whitman

    ·        “Blow,Blow, Thou Winter Wind” by William Shakespeare

    ·        “400-MeterFreestyle” by Maxine Kumin

    ·        “IfI Can Stop One Heart From Breaking”  byEmily Dickinson

    ·        “Incidentin a Rose Garden”  by Donald Justice

    Core Writing Assignments

    ·        PassionsEssay

    ·        CharacterAnalysis Essay

    ·        PersuasiveEssay based upon a selected current science topic


    Grammar Focus

    ·        CapitalizationReview

    ·        PronounReview

    ·        Commas

    ·        AddingSophistication to Sentence Construction

    ·        Prepositions



                From time to time, please check yourstudent's supplies.  Notebooks break,pencils and pens get lost, and notebook paper becomes scarce.  Please replenish those items as needed.  Your students should have the following itemsdaily:

    Ø assignedhomework

    Ø textbooks(with covers)

    Ø pencils

    Ø blackor blue pen

    Ø redpens

    Ø highlighter

    Ø notebookpaper – ample supply (no spiral notebooks)

    Ø homeworkassignment book

    Ø 3-ringbinder

    Ø coloredpencils (occasional use)



                Please utilize my homework page tokeep up-to-date on your student's assignments and projects.  My website is updated at least weekly and asnecessary.


    Reminder about Absences:

                Following an absence for illness,students must see me for missed assignments during morning homeroom – not during class as there is notample time to go over assignments and directions.

                For scheduled vacations and GOALfield trips, students must secure their work before the activity/vacation.  This must also be done during morning homeroom.

    If students have early dismissals for sports orappointments and will miss class that day, they must turn in thehomework and secure that day’s assignments duringmorning homeroom.

    At year's End:

                In ninth grade, students may select Honors English (with recommendation), English I, Basic English, or IPACTEnglish.  Honors English recommendationsrequire a high GPA with A’s in English, as well as an in-class writing sampleevaluated by both 8th and 9th grade teachers.  A good work ethic (homework on time completedwith a 100% effort) is also a crucial component of the selection process.  Exact requirements will be available inJanuary.  Selections are made in lateMarch or early April.


    Online Textbook Access

    McDougal-Littell - 8th Grade Literature


    1.            Go to www.classzone.com

    2.            Select Subject, Grade, and State

    3.            Select the green Literature book.

    4.            Select ONLINE book at bottom of page.

    5.            Create a Student Account:  sign on as VISITOR

    6.            Use this ACTIVATION CODE: 6823394-30

    7.            After you give your personal information use the following to finalize your account:

                    USERNAME:  NAstudentID                    For Example:  UN:  NA123456

                    PASSWORD:  studentID                                    For Example:  PW:  123456


    8.            When you return to www.classzone.com sign in as a returning VISITOR using your USERNAME and PASSWORD.


    Questions?  Send Mrs. Andreas an email:  kandreas@northallegheny.org