• Frequently Asked Questions about Parent Involvement in Middle School
    Question:  Are there parent volunteers in middle school?
    Answer:  Absolutely!  You are an important part of our school team!  You will notice that parent involvement in middle school looks different than it did in elementary school, but it's still essential!  You might wonder, "Why can't it stay the same?"  That's a great question and it leads us to reflect on the developmental needs of an adolescent child. Adolescent children are seeking to develop their own unique identity.  They want to establish themselves socially and they want an increased level of independence.  This is normal and a healthy step in the development of maturity, but it might lead them to discourage you from volunteering!  Have no fear, we have lots of opportunities for you to volunteer "behind the scenes" so that you can support your child and our school, but still respect your child's growing need for independence.
    Question:  How can I get started?
     Answer:  Start by getting the required clearances.  Go to this link for information on the clearances that you will need.
     Question:  What types of volunteer opportunities are there at IMS?
    Answer:  We have two links below that provide information about the opportunities to volunteer at IMS.  One is a guide that describes each opportunity.  The other is a sign up sheet.  Please take a look and see if one of these opportunities will work for you.  If you don't find one, call Mrs. Kopar, the IMS Library Secretary.  She can help to match your skills with an opportunity to be involved.
    Question:  Is there a Parent Organization at Ingomar Middle School?
    Answer:  Yes, but it has a different format from elementary school.  In elementary school the parent organization is a fund-raising organization.  In middle school, the parent organization does not raise money for the school.  The Student Council performs this function.  Instead the parent organization at middle school is called "Key Communicators."  It is an informative meeting that gives you the inside scoop about what is happening at school.  If you attend, you will hear from students, teachers, principals and other parents about issues of interest. 
    Question:  How can my voice be heard with District Administration about middle school issues?
    Answer:  You are always able to speak to the building principals and ask them to share your concerns, but we also have parents who represent you on District level committees.   
    Question:  What committees represent middle school parents?  How do I share my concerns?
    Answer:  Our committee representatives are listed below.  Please email them with issues that you would like discussed. 

    SPLC:  Superintendent Parent Liaision Committee  What's this?

    Carrie Matvey        kcmatvey@hotmail.com  

    Maureen Poisker   epoisker@comcast.net

    SAC:  Secondary Advisory Council

    Marcy Prem  marcyprem1@gmail.com

    Cathy Chi       catjchi@gmail.com

    Volunteer Coordinator:  

    This position is currently open.  Are you interested?    volunteercoordinatorIMS@gmail.com  

    Box Tops/ Campbell's Soup Label Collection

    Trish Herbert  pherbert@northallegheny.org