• Dear 1st grade family,                                                                                                        

            Congratulations!  Your child has been randomly selected to be 1E’s Top Cat!  This is an exciting event.  There are a couple things you need to know about our Top Cat’s jobs/privileges throughout their week.

     Monday: Inside your student’s homework folder you will find a “Read All About Me” poster.  Please assist your student in completing this poster neatly and colorfully.  It will be shared with the class on Monday.    

    Tuesday: Write with a special pen for the day. 

     Wednesday: Sit in the teacher's chair!

     Thursday: “Cat’s Meow”-(show and tell) please be cautious about sending delicate or fragile items.

     Friday: Pick a prize from the treasure chest.

    The Top Cat will also be in charge of acting as the teacher during the “Every Day Counts” part of our math lessons as well as other miscellaneous jobs.

    Feel free to e-mail me, TKaragory@northallegheny.org, with any questions!


    Mrs. Karagory :)


    Top Cat Schedule