•  4th Grade String Lesson Plans 
          Students that are in 4th grade orchestra will be reviewing the Essential Elements 2000 Book I for the first part of the year.   We normally get to book II around December/January.   The pages that I refer to are in the book I for violin, viola, cello and bass.   Students can get play along tracks for the book at www.myeelibrary.com, type in the code in the front of their book or select “my child doesn’t have a code”, type in the 13 digit ISBN number from the back of the book and your child will have access to all the play along tracks in the book and more.   

    At this point, it would be beneficially for students to purchase a shoulder rest.   You can find them at
    www.sharmusic.com or www.swstrings.com   Make sure that you purchase the size fits your instrument.
          Below are the lessons that we will follow this year with the 4th grade.   Please make sure that you bring your book/folder/practice  to each lesson.   Stop back often to check what we are doing each week.
    First meeting-  Receive schedules, practice cards, review policies and procedures, check instrument size
    Lesson 1  - Review the first 21 page
    Lesson 2  - Half note,  4th finger,  rounds,  . solo on P. 24 Ex 88 
    Lesson 3 - Play solo from previous week,  notes on the G string , play song in a round, 3/4 time, slur and pick up notes.
    Lesson 4- Slur , 3/4 time, Jingli Nona, natural pp 32-33.
    Lesson 5-  Review the F- natural on the D string and play a solo on Minor Details 
    Lesson 6 -  Play solo from last week and review the C natural and have students play a solo on Bluebird
    KOK 10/24/10/25
    Lesson 7- Play in the key of C major play a solo on Oak Hallow.  Move onto G major, notice the key signature with one sharp and the alert at the top of the page. 
    Lesson 8- Play Bingo and Tallis Canon with mixed finger patterns
    Lesson  9- Read notes on the C string and play a whole note and start work on Monday's Melody. 
    Lesson 10 - Play notes on the E string, work on Monday's Melody.  
    Lesson  11- Monday's Melody solo  / Pass out book II.  1/28
    Lesson 12 - Finish solos on Monday's Melody, Staccato and dynamics 
    Lesson 13-   Review D major, bow hold and proper instrument position. 2/19
    Lesson  14- Review G major on page 4 and 5 in book II pp. 4/5  2/28
    Lesson  15-  Play in the key of G major pp. 4-5 and start to prepare for our mid year evaluation. Students can select a song from page 6/7 to demonstrate proper instrument position, bow hold, instrument knowledge, rhythm, preparation  EVALUATION.  Students will play a solo in their book on page 5.   London Symphony or Chester
    Lesson  16-  Play solo from previous week and start C major pp 6-7 3/9
    Lesson 17- P 8-9 Dotted quarter notes and hooked bowings. 3/16 & 3/23
    Lesson  18-  Play solo on Sunny Day, Review eighth notes on and off the beat.  Introduce the doted quarter note p. 10 3/30
    Lesson  19- Students will play solo on Theme from New World Symphony.  Because it is near St. Patrick's Day we will play a traditional fiddle tune called the Swallow Tail Jig.  Students will also talk about different ensembles used to play this music including a quartet that would be used to play Rondeau.  
    Lesson  20-  Play a high 3rd finger and/or extended 4th finger on their instrument. Play a C# on the G. Students should feel a full step between their 1st and 2nd and 2nd and 3rd finger. 
    Lesson  - PSSA NO LESSONS :( 
    Lesson 21 -High 3rd finger  We will be talking about a new and advanced finger pattern.  The C# and the G# are high 3rd fingers and students will need to feel the big space between 1 and 2 and 2 and 3 fingers.    Hey Soul Sister has the G #.  It is a nice selection to practice the high 3rd finger. Students will also review and practice orchestra music that is being played for their spring concert. Work on bowing and fingering for each song.
    Lesson  22- Solo on the high 3rd finger playing song for Anne.  Students will demonstrate the full step between the 2nd and 3rd finger on both the G and D string.  Students will also review and practice orchestra music that is being played for their spring concert.   Work on bowing and fingering for each song.  Check calendar for dates, times and more information
    Lesson  23- High 3rd finger G sharp and C sharp.  Have students play Hey Soul Sister to practice the high 3rd finger.  Students can warm up on the A Major Scale.  Check calendar for dates, times and more information 
    Lesson  24- F sharp on the C string and G sharp on the E string.   Review and play orchestra music if needed
    Lesson 25 - Concert music and concert/  16th notes counting and playing.   1e&a.....
    Lesson 26- Sight reading from Patriotic favorites  http://www.violinflashcards.com/ who is the fastest?  :) 
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