• Economics-Unit 4-Market Structures

    Link to 2014 Econ Composite Survey
    -Instructions...Due Monday  12/20 (40 Points)                
    1. Identify the % market shares for the top 5 competitors within each market...ex...American Eagle @ 24%.
    ---A helpful way to do this is to use the edit tab and then find all of the cells that share the same name...ex..Bic use the find function (Ctrl + F) and you will see that there are 613 results for Bic within the entire document.
    2. What type of market is it? Use Page 11 in your packet?
    3. What are the CR4 of each market?
    4. What are 2 of the entry barriers (and be specific) with regard to each market? Make sure to reference Page 13 in your packet!
    Instructions for End of the Year Stock Market Assignment
    Group Section
    1. Fill out the Chart that covers all of the trades that were executed during the 14 weeks of the SMG.
    Here is the link to the SMG Tracking sheet. SMG Tracking Sheet
    2. What stocks (3) made your group the most money? How much money did they make (% gain) and why? (Make sure that the answers to all of the questions are in small Paragraphs!)
    3. What stocks (2) hurt your portfolio? How much money did your group lose? (% loss) and why?
    Individual Section
    1. In your opinion, What trades were excellent ideas? Why?
    2. After looking back, what trades were mistakes? Why?
    3. After looking back, what should you have done differently with regard to your investment portfolio?
    4. Give yourself and your group a letter grades for this project?
    5. Identify 3 lessons learned that will be applicable later in your life. Explain how these lessons will be applicable!!!                                                                                                                 

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