• Economics-Unit 2-Fundamentals of Supply and Demand


    Unit II-1: Intro to Demand
    Assignment: Classroom Experiment 2.B (10 Points) 
    Unit II-2: Law of Demand
    Assignment: Exitticket on Pages 6-12 of Textbook (10 Points)
    Unit II-3: Diminishing Marginal Value
    Assignment: None
    Unit II-4:  Graphing Demand
    Assignment: Graphing Chris + Chelsea's Demand for Fish
    Unit II-5:  Consumer Surplus
    Assignment:  None
    Unit II-6: Elasticity of Demand
    Assignment: None 
    Unit II-7: Total Revenue Test
    Assignment: Complete pages 29/30 in your textbook (15 Points)
    ANNOUNCEMENT!!! - Do not worry about page 31. Will explain on Wednesday... 
Last Modified on March 18, 2014