• Course Syllabus
    Sports & Entertainment Management


    Instructor:                             Mr. Sestili

    Semester:                               1st/2nd

    Phone:                                  724-934-7200

    Instructor E-mail:                csestili@northallegheny.org


     Course Description:

    The Sports & Entertainment Management Course was developed in response to a national and regional growth in the Sports & Entertainment sector of the economy. This course is recognized in over 100 College and University Business Programs across the nation.   The course is interdisciplinary in nature with a focus on the management of venues, sports, musicians, artists and events.  The course will develop critical thinking, decision making, and communication skills through real world applications aimed at preparing students to handle specific tasks associated with the industries.  Job shadowing opportunities will be provided along with field trips and speakers from places such as Universities and local sports and entertainment professionals.  The course is designed to provide future managers with a solid business foundation as well as knowledge of the unique facets of the Sports & Entertainment Industries.

    Textbook and Supplies:

    -Sports and Entertainment Management



    Course Topics:

    Chapter 1-       What is S.E Mgt?

    Chapter 2-       College and Amateur Sports

    Chapter 3-       Professional Sports

    Chapter 4-       Sports and Entertainment Mgt

    Chapter 5-       Mgt Functions

    Chapter 6-       Decision Making

    Chapter 7-       Management Strategies

    Chapter 8-       Organizing and Staffing

    Chapter 9-       Leaders in a Changing Environment

    Chapter 10-     Managing Groups and Teams

    Chapter 11-     Managing Operations

    Chapter 12-     Managing With information Technology

    Evaluation - Point System:



    Class work



    Final Exam


    (All makeup work must be completed within a 1 week period of time)

    (After 1 week = ½ credit will be given unless prior arrangements were made)


    Course Policies:


    Making a habit of missing class or coming late will have a direct effect on your performance.

    It is the student’s responsibility to track absences and make up all missed work.

    1st Late=Warning

    2nd Late= Detention

    Classroom Procedures:

    *Conduct yourself with respect. Stay quiet during announcements.

    *Bring your book, NB, and folder to class everyday. If kept in the classroom, it must be picked up prior to the start of class. Points will be taken away for not being prepared for class.

    *Go to lockers & restroom between classes.

    *Stay in seats until the bell rings.

    *Computer usage only when the instructor allows it. Unapproved usage will result in points being deducted.  NO GAMES/ NO MUSIC/ NO DOWNLOADS/ NO EMAILS


    Electronic Device Policy:

    Cellular telephones, pagers, CD players, radios, and similar devices are prohibited in the classroom and laboratory facilities.





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