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    Introduction to Mr. Gliozzi
    Mr. Gliozzi (a University of Pittsburgh graduate) is a 27 year veteran of North Allegheny Senior High.  Additionally, he is the Head Coach for the Boys Varsity Tennis Team and is the Kicking Coach for the NA Football Team.  He and his family are proud residents of the North Allegheny School District.
    His fondest NASD academic moment occurred when a student in AP English 3 class asked him to explain why Herman Melville listed all the whale vertebrae as several complete chapters of the novel Moby Dick.  Mr. Gliozzi's response was, "He needed to fill the space--remember, the novel is 1,065 pages!" (The actual answer is that Melville used the vertebrae to symbolize man's own backbone, something he can actually feel on both the literal and figurative level in a time of crisis.)  His favorite novel is Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and his two favorite short stories are Poe's "Masque of the Red Death" and Crane's "The Open Boat."
    Mr. Gliozzi thrives on the daily interaction with his students and doesn't view his profession as a job but as a mission.  "I have so much fun teaching my classes that sometimes I forget I 'm actually leading my students into a different phase of their lives--preparing them for higher education.  Thanks to NASH I get younger every day!"
    A Trivia Fact You Would Not Have GuessedMr. Gliozzi was the official statistician of the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1974 through 1977.
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