• Honors Algebra 2

    Periods   Room 62
    Mon. August 31
    Obj.: 1.1 Properties of Real Numbers
             1.2 Evaluate Variable Expressions
    HW: Book Page 6 # 4-48 by 4's
             Book Page 13 # 4-48 by 4's 

    Tues. Sept. 1

    Obj.: 1.3 Solving Linear Equations
    HW: Book Page 21 #4-48 by 4's, 52 & 68
             Bonus: Box of Kleenex and/or pack of pencils (Qty 8 or more) due Friday, Sept. 4
    Materials needed:  3 Ring Binder....binder can be used for other classes, too, Calculator TI-30 Scientific Calculator  and TI-84 Graphing Calculator are recommended, not required 

    Wed. Sept. 2

    Obj.: 1.2
    HW: Book Page  
     Bonus: Box of Kleenex and/or pack of pencils (Qty 8 or more) due Friday, Sept. 4

    Thurs. Sept. 3

    Obj.: Quick Review 1.1, 1.2, 1,3
             QUIZ 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 
    Read 1.4 

    Fri. Sept. 4

    Obj.: 1.4 













































    Week of Sept. 3 - Sept. 7, 2012
    Mon. Sept. 3   No School Labor Day

    Tues. Sept. 4  Note: Chapter 1 TEST date: Tues. Sept. 11

    Obj.: 1.5 Strategies for solving problems: Verbal Models, Patterns, Diagrams

    HW: Practice Sheet 1.6 # 1-16 all

    Wed. Sept.5

    Obj.: 1.6 Solving and graphing inequalities

    HW: Page 44 # 3-51 by 3's, 52     Chapter 1 TEST Tuesday, Sept. 11

    Thurs. Sept. 6

    Obj.: 1.7 Solve Absolute value equations

    HW: Practice 1.7 # 1-15 all

    Fri. Sept. 7

    Obj.: 1.7 solve absolute value inequalities

    HW: Practice 1.7 # 16-26 all



    Week of August 27 - 31, 2012



    Mon. August 27

    Obj.: 1.1 Using real numbers
    HW: Page 6 # 1-25 all  Note (#17-22 we did not get to during class, so you can skip if not sure what to do)



    Tues. August 28

    Obj.: 1.1 Real Numbers and Unit Analysis
    HW: Practice Sheet 1.1
     all problems, omit 12,13
    Wed. August 29
    Obj.: 1.2 Order of Operations
    HW: Book Page 13 # 4-60 by 4's, start with #4,8,12,....


    Thurs. Aug. 30
    Obj.: 1.3 Solving Equations and Rate Problems
    HW: NONE   Bonus due Friday, Kleenex Hand Sanitizer, Photo for "Hey Look at Me"


    Fri.  Aug. 31

    Obj.: 1.4 Rewrite Formulas with two or more variables
    HW: Practice Sheet 1.3 # 11-25 odd
           Practice Sheet 1.4 # 1-25 odd



    Week of August 20 - 24, 2012
    Mon. - Wed.  In-Service Days for Teachers

    Thurs. August 23

    Welcome Back to School!

    Introduction to course
    Handouts given to students:
    1. Syllabus---needs to be signed by parent/guardian and returned to teacher by Monday, August 27 for 2pts, Student is RECOMMEMDED to have their own calculator, TI-30 or TI-84.
    2. What to expect in math class---information about what type of assignments are given and expectations
    3. Students were told how to get onto teacher webpage and onlline textbook---laptops will be brought into class so each student can practice logging onto teacher website and online textbook
    4. Students will receive Algebra 2 textbook, Friday, August 24
    5. Students were encouraged to bring in Kleenex or Hand Sanitizer and a photograph for the "Hey Look at Me" bulletin board in class to share something about themselves.
    6. A combining like terms worksheet was worked on by students and turned in.
    HW: Get last page of Syllabus signed by Parent/Guardian and turned in by Monday August 27 2pts 
            It is recommended students have their own calculator.  There are 15 classroom graphing calculators for students to use, but there are usually more than 15 students per class, so students may not have one in class to use. 

    Fri., August 25


    1. Pass out books, make seating chart
    2. Complete Combine Like Terms worksheet and go over in class (no points)
    3. Start Algebra Review worksheet, not for HW,will be completed Monday in class
    1. Get syllabus signed by parent/guardian
    2. Have a 3 ring binder by Monday
    3. Bonus for Kleenex or Hand Sanitizer, photo for bulletin board
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