• Course Syllabus

    "Every morning I jump out of bed and step on a landmine.  The landmine is me. 

    After the explosion, I spend the rest of the day putting the pieces together."

    -Ray Bradbury

    Honors English II is a course designed around the creation, analysis, and appreciation of artistic works.  The mission is to invoke the imagination, provoke the senses, and evoke the emotions. 

    Honors English II will aspire:

        to uphold the integrity of the creative process;

        to recognize and respect each individual's contribution to class;

        to extend the limits of the accepted;

        to draw inspiration from our artistic and cultural diversity;

        to encourage and promote the potential of youth.

            (inspired by the Cirque du Soleil mission statement)


                    -One notebook used ONLY for English class notes and assignments

                    -One folder dedicated to English class

                    -Be in the habit of bringing your book to class every day


    Assignments Must:

                    -Be written in ink

                    -Be as neat and legible as possible

                    -Be on time

                    -Be complete



                    -Your classroom will be a place where you are respected and are required to respect others.  This includes respecting one another, as well as me.  There will be no foul language, teasing, mocking, or hostile behavior tolerated. 

                    - Raise your hand and wait to be called on.  I value your thoughts and questions and I don’t want to miss any. 

                    - Be a positive person.  Share your wisdom.

                    -There will be no sleeping in class.  If you are not able to hold your head up and be alert for 40 minutes, please report to the nurse and follow up with me.



                    You have a very real opportunity to succeed in English this year.  I hope that you will rise to the occasion.  I plan on doing my part to see you meet that success.  Ultimately, it is your choice.  By following the structure I have provided you with, involving yourself with the group and materials, keeping your parent(s) current on your progress, and asking for help when necessary – you have a fool-proof plan for your best year in English class.  I am looking forward to our adventures and discoveries.  I hope you choose to succeed.





    Prentice Hall Literature: World Masterpieces

    Vocabulary for the College Bound Student


    The Epic of Gilgamesh*

    The Iliad*

    The Aeneid*

    The Inferno*




    Texts selected in the course of the current Honors II curriculum revision process

    Student-selected independent works


    - bound composition books (2)-

    - 3-pronged pocket folders (2)

    - At least 2 highlighters of different colors for annotation and writing workshops

    - Pen and pencil with an eraser

    - Expanding folder with flap and elastic closure*

    *recommended to hold all of the above, but not required


    - long and short term reading assignments

    - long and short term writing assignments in various modes

    - research and reporting on culture and historic background of literature

    - reader responses to literature

    - written and oral analysis of literary works

    - class or small group analysis, discussions, or presentations related to readings

    - attending and reviewing plays

    - presentations of original work

    - process, on-demand, and in-class writing including free writes

    - vocabulary exercises and quizzes

    - writing notebook entries

    - writing workshops


    - OBSERVATIONAL PAPER (“O.P.”) Once each quarter, you will prepare and present an “O.P.” You will receive more

    information about this requirement next week.



    Grading Policy:

                    90-100%   A

                    80-89%      B

                    70-79%     C

                    60-69%     D

                    59% or less E

    Grades that are .5 or higher will be rounded up.  



    Enjoy the ride,


    Mr. Geibel

Last Modified on November 4, 2014