• Introduction to Sculpture
    No. 6803 
    Semester/Full Time 
    Grades 9, 10
    Credit .5
    This course deals with studying the concepts of three-
    dimensional art.  The entire semester will be devoted to the
    creation of sculptures while exploring a variety of media
    including clay, plaster, metal, wood, glass, and plastic.  Within
    each unit of study, various artists and artistic styles will be
    covered as well as different sculptural techniques and sur-
    face renderings.  Some of these techniques will include:
    under and over glazing, sgraffito, marbleizing clay, poly-
    chrome, mishima, and traditional patina finishes.  This course
    enables the student to meet all the State Academic Standards
    for Visual Arts.
    Criteria for Selection - None.
Last Modified on March 31, 2010