• Arts and Crafts
    No. 6703
    Semester/Full Time
    Grades 9, 10
    Credit .5
    This course is designed for students who like to work in
    many different artistic areas to discover interests and abilities
    for further study.  Students learn the primary skills of many
    visual art processes as well as design and creative strategies.
    Most of the work produced in this class is intended to be used
    as functional objects as well as works of art, and a variety of
    artistic media are used to develop artistic concepts.  Some of
    the activities in the course include:  etching on mirrors,
    handwrought metal work, wheel thrown pottery, stencil
    painting on shirts, sculpture, decoupage, sandcasting, and
    fresco painting.  This course enables the student to meet all
    the State Academic Standards for Visual Arts.
    Criteria for Selection - None.
Last Modified on March 31, 2010