• Introduction to Pottery and Jewelry
    No. 6404
    Semester/Full Time
    Grade  9, 10
    Credit .5
    This course is designed to provide students with the
    opportunity to explore methods of artistic expression through
    studies in pottery and metal-working.  Student study will
    include a nine week concentration in pottery work with
    experiences on the potter’s wheel, hand building pottery, and
    glazing.  The other half  of the semester will be spent in a nine
    week concentration in metal work, which will consist of
    advanced jewelry creation methods that do not require saw-
    ing, including pewter casting, stone setting, “lost wax” cast-
    ing, enameling (melted glass on copper), scrimshaw, copper-
    smithing, and etching (engraving on metal).  This course
    enables the student to meet all the State Academic Standards
    for Visual Arts.
    Criteria for Selection - None.
Last Modified on March 31, 2010