Community Use of Factilities
    *          Governed by Board Policy #7100 and Administrative Procedures # 7110 - 7160


    *          Rent Waivers

    ·        Granted By School Board In Accordance With Administrative Procedure #7110; and

    ·        Updated Annually In June.


    *          Recurring Renters

    ·        Right Of First Refusal; and

    ·        Updated Annually In June.


    *          Permit Process

    ·        District Wide Activities (CCAC) Scheduled by Facilities Department;

    ·        Athletic Events/Activities Scheduled by Athletic Director;

    ·        All Other Building Users Submit Permit At Requested School;

    ·        Permits Are Given Preliminary Approval By Building Principal;

    ·        Final Approval Granted By Facilities Department;

    ·        Invoices Generated By Facilities Department For

    Associated Costs; and

    ·        Payments Deposited In General Fund or Custodial Overtime.