Salvete Omnes!  Welcome to Latin at North Allegheny Intermediate!
    The information formerly housed on this site can now be found on Magistra's Blackboard page.  Please visit northallegheny.blackboard.com to the following information for your class:
    • Class Syllabus
    • Homework Assignments for the Week
    • Helpful Documents for each Stage (Vocabulary List, Study Guide, etc)
    • Resources for National Latin Exam
    • JCL contact information and meeting dates.

          Contact Magistra:                                  Magistra's 2018-2019 Classes:
      Email: bblock@northallegheny.org                             Periods 1 and 3: Academic Latin II
      Building Phone: 412-369-5520                                 Periods 4: Academic Latin I-B
      Room Number: 912 (old room 11)                             Period 5: Honors Latin II
                                                                                          Periods 7 and 8: Honors Latin I-B
    District Activities:
    Junior Classical League sponsor
    North Allegheny Graduate
    B.A, Classical Studies with a Latin concentration, The College of William and Mary
    M.S, Instructional Leadership, Robert Morris University