July 2015


    For the purposes of these administrative procedures and the regulations therein, facilities shall be defined to include all School District structures and surrounding District grounds and use of District services, equipment or any permits, copyrights, et al., to which the School District is the licensee.


    1.       All requests for use of school facilities shall be made on a Building/Facility Use Permit form. These requests shall be submitted thirty (30) days prior to use, in order to provide for normal processing.


    2.       The building Principal, shall be responsible for issuing building permits for school-related activities, assigning a sponsor, informing the head custodian, making arrangements for required equipment, and maintaining a calendar of permits issued. Approvals by the Principal, Director of Facilities and Athletic Director act as confirmation that the facilities are available and the required equipment is scheduled.


    3.       School equipment and instructional apparatus shall be used only with the consent of the building Principal. Only Facilities Department personnel shall make any type of modification to electrical and mechanical systems.


    4.       Preliminary approval of the building Principal shall be necessary on all requests for building permits to avoid conflict with school activities.


    5.       The Director of Facilities shall maintain a master schedule of building usage. A copy of all permits issued by the building Principal must be forwarded to the Director of Facilities office, prior to the scheduled activity.


    a)      All requests for the use of the gymnasiums at FES/MCK/CMS/MMS/IMS NAI/NASH shall be sent to the Athletic Director for approval.


    b)      All requests for the use of any of the districts athletic fields shall be sent to the Athletic Director for Approval. 


    6.       The sale/use of refreshments will only be permitted if approved by the building Principal and the Director of Facilities.


    7.       School buildings and grounds may be used free of charge by groups recognized by the School Board. Groups desiring recognition as approved Fee Waiver groups must submit the following information explaining their organization and function as it relates to the school:


    a.       Must be a non-profit organization and submit proof of their non-profit organization status such as IRS Form 501 (c) 3.


    b.       Rental fees will be waived in accordance with the following participation levels by North Allegheny students and/or residents:


    I.        Groups comprised of less than 25% North Allegheny students and/or residents will not be granted a fee waiver.

    II.      Groups comprised of 26% to 74% North Allegheny students and/or residents will be eligible for a partial fee waiver equal to a 50% reduction in the rental charges for the area(s) used.

    III.     Groups comprised of 75% or more North Allegheny students and/or residents will be eligible for a full fee waiver.


    c.       The granting of a full or partial fee waiver does not waive any of the overtime or other personnel costs associated with the use of a District facility. Groups are expected to submit payment of these costs to the District, regardless of their fee waiver status.


    d.       All groups must provide a list of names and addresses and the school district of all participants for validation of participation by North Allegheny residents and/or students.


    e.       Must be a non-subversive group.


    f.        Must present either their constitution or bylaws.


    g.       Must list officers of the group and board of trustees or directors.


    h.       Other items the Board may deem necessary for review of the organization and its request prior to extending the use of the school facilities without payment of rent.


    This information must be submitted for approval at least sixty (60) days prior to the first date of requested use. Approval for fee waivers will be valid for a period of up to five

     (5) years.  Groups may be required to submit yearly updates of their members and non-profit status for review and approval by the District during their 5 year fee waiver period.


    8.       School buildings and facilities may be used by approved, non-school related groups or organizations, and will be charged accordingly. Rental fees will be on a per-hour/per-area basis. Custodial fees shall be invoiced at the approved hourly rate and shall be for a minimum of three (3) hours. Additional custodial time that is required to open the areas to be used, snow removal, and cleaning of the area used, etc. will also be included as part of any custodial overtime costs.  Failure to cancel will result in a minimum three-hour charge for custodians, stage managers/crew, etc., for the scheduled event. Payment shall be made directly to the North Allegheny School District, Facilities Department, 400 Hillvue Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. Payment of rent and fees may not be made directly to custodians, paraprofessionals, stage managers, stage crew members, or any other on-site employees. All payments must be made in the form of a check.


    a)      During the winter months, after regular school hours or on weekends when it is required that we plow and/or salt the parking lots and/or salt the sidewalks the cost incurred will be equally split among all group(s) utilizing the building at the time and included as part of the rental costs for the group.  These costs will not be waived for any group.  The costs for snow plowing and salting services are based on a per occurrence rate.  If a renter would like to know these costs in advance they can contact the Facilities Department,


    9.       Invoices shall be issued to cover the period of occupancy and the time required for cleaning and preparing the building for the start of the next school day. Payments will be due within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice. All requests for use of any District facility will not be approved and/or dates held, until all outstanding invoices/charges incurred by that group are paid in full.


                10.1     A five percent late fee will be added to unpaid invoices over 30 days past due and five percent per month thereafter.


    10.       Liability insurance naming the North Allegheny School District as an additional insured is required of all groups. Proof of liability insurance must be submitted to the Facilities Department a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to use.  If liability insurance is not received the permit will be cancelled.  This requirement will be effective for existing groups July 1, 2015 and immediately for all new groups/renters.


    11.      The use of buildings and facilities shall not directly, or indirectly, interfere with the school programs.


    12.      Permits will not be granted for private use, for closed political meetings, or for meetings intended to propagandize and otherwise address controversial or subversive issues.


    13.      All groups or organizations using District facilities shall be responsible for damages to the building and/or grounds. All repair costs incurred by the District will be added to the invoice. All damages must be paid before the user will be permitted to use any District facility in the future.


    14.      All performances, exhibitions, or clubs connected with the schools shall be under the immediate supervision of an individual associated with the school in a professional capacity. The name of this individual shall be on the Building Permit and must be in the building or activity at all times.


    15.      Possession of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products and their use, in any form, are strictly prohibited at all times in and on School District property. Violation of this by anyone associated with the group will result in the immediate cancellation of the group's present and future permits.


    16.      No outside equipment shall be brought into the school without permission of the building Principal and the Director of Facilities.


    17.      Chaperones, attendants, scoutmasters, sponsors, coaches, etc. shall remain in the building until all persons associated with their group have left. The building shall be vacated no later than the time indicated on the permit.


    18.      Organizations will only be allowed use of the rooms and corridors assigned to their use.


    19.      Permits for the use of buildings and facilities shall be issued to the organization when scheduled and approved. Groups who want to meet at regular intervals throughout the year may be issued a permit covering all regularly scheduled meetings. Permits will be issued on a yearly basis for the time period of July 1 through June 30 each year. Only school-sponsored/school-related groups will be granted permission for regular, repetitive use of buildings and facilities. All requests by non-school related groups for repetitive use of any building/facility will be reviewed for approval on an individual basis by the Director of Facilities. Continued use of the school facilities shall be contingent upon the strict adherence of the rules and regulations. Any permit may be summarily revoked by issuing school officials, with due cause. Groups requesting use of the same building and time frame each year, for a minimum two years, shall be granted a first right of refusal for those dates before another group is granted a permit for that time period at that site. If a recurring renter does not use the space for one year, they will lose their recurring renters status.


    20.      Any use of school equipment shall be on a rental basis and at the rate established and approved by the School Board.


    21.      In the event of a power outage, water service interruption, natural gas problem, HVAC problem, fire, or other emergency situations, the facility is to be evacuated immediately and all groups will be required to vacate the school property.


    22.       When school buildings and grounds are used by any individual employee or any employee group for activities that are not sponsored by the District or not approved by the building administrator, the party(ies) who sponsor these activities will be responsible to pay the established rental fees to the District.


    23.      When school buildings and grounds are used by any individual employee or employee group, activities that are not sponsored by the District and for which the responsible party(ies) set a fee schedule, charge admission, and/or rates for participation, the District considers those employees or employee groups to be acting as private contractors. In these cases, proof of liability insurance will be required in addition to rental fees.


    24.      When school buildings and grounds are used by any fee-waivered individual or group and fee schedules and rates for participation are charged, the District reserves the right to review those charges and rates. The purpose of such review is to assure that rates and charges are within the guidelines reasonable to cover expenses, and not to serve as private contracting of services.



    25.       The use of a kitchen in any school cafeteria for a function requires Food Services

                            Department employee is present to supervise, that will be paid for by the renter/group. 


    27.       Parking will only be permitted in designated areas.  Any vehicle parked in a fire lane or blocking any driveways or exits will be towed at the owner’s expense.