• MMS Library
    Contact Information:
    Maria McCormick
    (724) 934-6042
    Susan Bayer
    Library Secretary
    (724) 934-6043

    The MMS Middle School Library provides students and staff access to over 14,000 items. A variety of databases such as ABC-CLIO, CultureGrams, and Grolier are available through our digital services. The library catalog, Destiny, is available online at school and at home. Destiny can also be accessed on the navigation menu. Users can search Marshall Middle School's catalog or the district's catalog. Students should log-on to Destiny with their user name and password in order to use it to its full capabilities. 
    Current MMS Library News:
    Mock Newbery club is currently plowing through a massive reading list of thirty books. Our first voting and elimination round is in November!
    For more information about the MMS Library, please visit North Allegheny's Blackboard page. This website will be further maintained at that location.