• I.O. Opportunities 2012 – 2013

    (All dates are tentative and trips are subject to cancellation at any time.)


    Academic Triathlon – (7, 8) -   Teams of five students compete in “College Bowl” and “Identification Segment” where all academic areas are fair game.  The College Bowl is run using a buzzer system pitting two teams against each other.  The Identification Segment features questions in such areas as pop music, classical music, art identification, literature, movies, geography, and current events.  (4-4-13)


    Bog- (7)- Take an environmental trip to the Bog in Linn Run State and learn about the various species of plants and animals that live i n a Bog. Students will also go to St. Vincent's College in Latrobe to see how settling ponds help filter water. (9-28-12)

    Calcu-Solve – (6-8) -   Students will compete against Allegheny County’s best math students as they work on timed math problems. (6th 11-16-12, 7/8 10-3-12)


    Challenger Mission (7) – ‘Scientists’ will simulate an adventure to a designated landing place in space.  As students ‘travel’, they will be challenged to problem solve using the scientific method.  Whatever solution(s) are created will then be put to the test. (TBD)


    Chess Tournament – (6-8) – Serious players, whether novice or expert, participate in a formal competition with an adjudicator (judge) and timed rounds.  Each school team is composed of five ranked players for ability.  (MMS , NAGC  6th 12-11-11, 7/8th 12-12-11)


    Computer Fair- (6-8)-  Students will prepare a project in one of seven computer based categories for judging at the local competition. Local winners advance to the state finals in Carlisle PA.  (3-19-13)


    Creative Convention – (6, 7, 8) – Fluency, flexibility, and originality highlight this stimulating activity.  There is a separate competition for each grade level held this year at the Baierl Center.   (7th- 10-22-12, 8th- 10-23-12)

    Doodle 4 Google (6,7,8)  - Students will have the chance to enter an international competition to design the Google homepage for a day.(TBD)

    Drama Workshop – (7, 8) – Local actors presents an interactive workshop involving the principles of acting and help students prepare for the Shakespeare Monologue Contest. (TBD)


    DNA Day – (6-8) – CSI enthusiasts will learn more about the field of forensic science as they hear from experts. (4-30-12)


    Equations – (6-8) – Mathletes compete while playing the Equations game using dice to form challenging equations while strategically puzzling their opponents.  (6th 4-15-13, 7/8th 3-15-13)


    Faraday Lecture – (6-8) -   Held on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh, the Faraday Lecture highlights the career of physicist Michael Faraday.  Students listen to a lecture and see demonstrations that deal with gases and states of matter. (11-13-12)


    Holocaust Film- (8) Done in conjunction with the student reading of “The Diary of Anne Frank”, this film will enhance the student understanding of the Holocaust. (Films rotate on a yearly basis.) (TBD)

    Jennings(6) - Environmental Problem Solving is stressed on this outdoor adventure at Jennings Environmental Center.  Students collect scientific data in three different settings.  They then present their data and discuss problems and possible solutions to an audience. (TBD)


    Knowledge Master Open – (6-8) – This Jeopardy like competition is held on the same day for all enrolled middle schools across the nation.  Students work together to answer 150 – 200 multiple choice questions in a variety of categories.  The contest is automatically scored for speed and accuracy as the questions are answered.  The score is reported by telephone to the national headquarters.  Each school’s individual ranking on a national and statewide basis is available within 24 hours.  (TBD)


    K-NEX Challenge- (6-8)- A new activity this year from the AIU. Students will prepare a K-NEX project and solve a design problem in a day long workshop. Limited numbers. (2-1-13)


    Mock Trial – (7, 8) – Students in teams study the case used by senior high teams the previous year for the national Mock Trial competitions.  Each team, whether prosecution or defense, includes three or four lawyers and three witnesses.  The teams use problem solving and critical thinking skills to decide a winning strategy.  After much practice, the teams are pitted against teams from others schools at a mock courtroom with guest judges.  (3-5-13)


    NA Calcu-Solve – (6-8) – North Allegheny middle school students will meet and compete against each other by completing a series of individual and group math problems.  The top students from each building will go on to compete in the AIU calcu-Solve. (6th 11-2-12, 7/8 9-13-12)


    Organic Architecture-(6,7,8)- Students will construct a Pittsburgh landmark using all edible materials. Finished products will be judged and displayed at the Wintergarden, PPG Place. Structures will be auctioned with the money donated to Charity.

    (Oct/Nov 2012)


    Open Heart Surgery- (8)- A unique opportunity to see an actual surgery as it happens at the heart center at AGH. Students should have an interest in science and the ability to handle seeing blood.  (1-9-13)


    Riverquest- (6, 7/8)- Students will have the chance to sail Pittsburgh’s 3 rivers while learning about the natural environment around them. Included on the voyage will be bird watching and other “large animal” investigations as well as an in depth study of water quality. Students will have several hands on labs. (6th 9-11-12,  7/8 9-21-12)


    Science Bowl  (National)– (7, 8) -   Students will compete against the best science students in PA, OH, and WV. The competition involves preparing a hydrogen powered car to race against the other competitors as well as a “Jeopardy” style quiz bowl. This event does require advanced preparation. Students must qualify to be on the MMS team. (Oct. 2012- initial testing, regional comp. TBD)


    Sci-Tech Festival- (7,8)- Students will experience all types of science careers by visiting presentations by companies, colleges, and individual scientists. They will learn what it takes to be a scientist and see exciting demonstrations and hands on science activities. (11-7-12)


    Shakespeare Monologue – (6-8) – Interested drama students select a monologue or a scene to memorize and perform for a panel of local actors serving as judges at Pittsburgh’s O’Reilly Theater.  (Mar. 2013)


    Silver Eye Photography- (6-8) - For all those aspiring photographers and artists, this trip will help you learn the “art” of photography. You will also get a taste of Pittsburgh history with a walking tour of the South Side. (TBD)


    Smith Island/Port Isobel – (8) -   This three-day study takes students to the town on Tylerton, MD on Smith Island which is located in the Chesapeake Bay.  The program is conducted by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and teaches students about the relationship between the environment and the economics of the area.  (10-12-12 thru 10-14-12)
    Writing Workshop (6,7,8) - Students have the chance to hone their creative skills in this hands on workshop. Writers of all levels are welcome. (2-18-13)
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