• Technology Education
    Grade 7
    Course Description - 6 weeks
    Students in this course will get exposure to a variety of activities.  Information technologies will be studied through several graphic design projects.  Students will be challenged to design a calendar focusing on theme, balance, color scheme, variety, and proportion.  A safety illustration will also be created.  Students will complete a website research sheet to verify a website's security.  Through studying physical technology, students will create a unique intarsia project using wood, design a plexiglas part using the Epilog engraver, and partake in several problem solving activities.
    Thursday, Sept. 1 - none
    Friday, Sept. 2 - none
    *After Tuesday, Sept. 6 - All homework assignments will be posted on Blackboard
    To view homework assignments, click on the link below, students sign in and select the specific class you want to view.
    Then click "Calendar".
    Click on the link to go to Blackboard:
Last Modified on August 31, 2016