• In-Case of a School-Based Emergency
    There are a number of key details about which parents should be informed in the unlikely event of a school-based emergency:
    • First and foremost, the safety of our students and staff is our primary focus and responsibility.
    • Across the District, building plans and procedures for crisis response are regularly reviewed and updated. District personnel are trained.
    • Each building is staffed by a nurse or a nurse's assistant. Personnel with CPR and medical emergency certification are identified in each building.
    • As a health/safety precaution, a school campus may be closed to all visitors except emergency and law enforcement personnel. If the school campus is closed, parents will be directed to an identified staging area.
    • Parents should check the website, NATV Cable (Armstrong 50, Comcast 98, Consolidated 406, Verizon 33), and local television and radio channels for information. Parents may telephone the main switchboard at Central Offices, 412-366-2100, if necessary, until a staging area for communications is in place and operational. Parents should not call the school building.  Any available school telephone lines should be kept open for emergency communications.
    • If a student is injured during an emergency situation, every effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian as soon as possible. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to complete and submit emergency care cards to the school office and to keep the information current.
    • Every family should devise a personal plan to be put into place in the event of a community-based emergency crisis. This plan should include where to meet, the location of necessary supplies, a battery-operated flashlight, radio, etc.
    Watch NATV, the Eye of the Tiger
    You'll find NATV located on theses stations:
    • Armstrong 50
    • Comcast 98
    • Consolidated 406
    • Verizon 33
    NATV regularly features PEG-TV – a dynamic multi-media video display of weather reports, stock reports, local news and announcements, and other information of interest to our specific community.  PEG-TV is programmed to alternate with regular, student-produced programming and makes available a new depth and variety of content to our viewer. The NATV viewing schedule can be found here.