• PayForIt Transitioning to PaySchools Central

    On May 29, 2018, the platform that North Allegheny uses for managing lunch payments, PayForIt, will be upgraded to PaySchools’ latest online payment software, PaySchools Central.

    While the upgrade is intended to be seamless, it’s necessary that NA parents/guardians take note of this transition as the appearance and user experience may change. Parents/guardians currently using PayForIt will not need to take any action, as the account information and funds will transfer over to PaySchools Central automatically. New users will be able to create accounts through PaySchools Central.

    Below are a few things you may notice during the transition:

    1. When logging into PayForIt, parents/guardians will be prompted with a message that their PayForIt account has been replaced by PaySchools Central, and will be provided the link to access PaySchools Central.
      PayForIt welcome message with a link to Payschools Central
    2. Clicking the PaySchools Central Link will redirect users to the PaySchools Central login page.
      PaySchools Central login screen
    3. The user will then log in using their PayForIt credentials and they will be shown a prompt which confirms credentials, students migrated, and any pertinent information about their PayForIt account that has been transferred over as part of this transition.
      Payschools Central dashboard

    Once logged in, the transition is complete.

    Be sure to check out the PaySchools mobile app for Apple iOS and Android users.
    PaySchools Mobile on Google Play and iTunes

    If you have any questions about your PaySchool Central account, please contact the dedicated PaySchools Central Parent Help Support staff at 1-877-393-6628 or psc_help@payschools.com.

    Point of Sale (POS) System

    How does the QSP POS system work?

    Every student has an account in the cafeteria that can be accessed by their Personal Identification Number (PIN). At meal time, the student chooses their lunch components, then enters their PIN. The computer accesses the student's account. Upon entry of the PIN, the cashier is able to view the student's picture to ensure the correct student is being charged.

    How do I put money into my child's account?

    Payments can be made a variety of ways. Students may bring in cash to be deposited into their account, however, checks are preferred. Checks should be made payable to "North Allegheny Cafeteria Fund". Money can be deposited at any time during the week.

    Additionally, the District is accepting online check and credit card payments via PayForIt.net. See below for more information.

    What if my child is eligible for free or reduced price meals?

    If your child is eligible for free meals and enters their PIN at the POS, the computer system will not charge the student for the meal purchase. If your child is eligible for reduced price meals, the system will charge the child the reduced meal price, deducting the meal from the student's balance.

    Please keep in mind that all a la carte items are an additional charge, regardless if the student is eligible for free or reduced price meals.

    What are the benefits of an online system?

    • Parents do not need to send in cash with their children. It can get lost, misplaced, and can be dirty.
    • The serving lines move faster when cash is not being handled. This allows students more time to eat and socialize.
    • Free and reduced price students cannot be easily identified by their peers.
    • Eliminates the need for tickets.
    • Student purchases can be tracked regardless if the child has an account balance or not.