• Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

    The bus goes right down my street. Why can’t the bus stop at my house?

    Bus stops are centrally located for all students. In most cases we try to use intersections which are easy to locate and where motorists are more alert to pedestrians. The District attempts to keep the number of stops minimized thus keeping the buses moving and reducing ride times. Stopping at every driveway inconveniences the motoring public causing them to become impatient trying to get around the bus and compromising safety.

    I can’t see the stop from my house. Can’t the stop be closer?

    Unfortunately not everyone will be able to see the stop from their house. We transport 8,000 public school students each day. It is not feasible to put all the stops in sight range. Parents must use good judgment by either going to the stop with the child or working with other families in the area to support safety.

    Who is responsible for student behavior at bus stops?

    The District is responsible to determine safe stop locations. Parents are responsible for their child's behavior at the stop. If inappropriate behavior is reported to the bus driver, they will turn this information over to the school for investigation.

    Who handles discipline on the bus?

    The driver is the authority figure responsible for enforcing the safe transport rules. Bus safety rules are on the back of the postcard each family receives in the summer, posted on the bulkhead in each bus, and on the District's website. The driver can handle minor discipline problems speaking to students or reassigning seats. More serious issues are addressed at the school by either bus proctors or principals. Misconduct forms may be submitted to the school by drivers. These may result in warning, reprimand, or the student being sent to bus safety school.

    How will I find out my child’s busing information for the new school year?

    Each summer, usually by the third week of August, a postcard is sent to each family detailing their child’s busing information. This includes, school, stop location, bus number(s), and AM pickup time.

    Why is there no arrival time home listed on the postcard?

    This time varies based on traffic delays, if there are issues on any of the runs, and what time the bus departs from school. Not all buses fit on the curb at each school. Therefore some buses may be an early or later loading vehicle. At the elementary school level, we use the standard that all buses must be on the curb and loading consistently by 3:45 p.m.

    Is it possible to transport my child to or from a daycare rather than my home stop?

    This is possible, however, it is governed by several rules. The daycare must be within the attendance area of the school being serviced. The Department will not travel outside the attendance border for childcare purposes. The daycare you are using should provide a list of students to our department. Additionally, it is important that your child know where they are going each day if it is a part-time service. Drivers cannot be responsible for knowing your child’s schedule.

    My child is the only student at the stop. Should I call when he/she is not riding?

    This is helpful, especially in the morning if the bus is going out of the way. Your call to our dispatcher saves mileage and time so that the bus route may run more efficiently. Typically it is not necessary to call in the afternoon since the bus is at the school to pick up other students.

    I do not plan to regularly use transportation but want my child kept on the list. Is there a procedure I should follow?

    This is a common issue with private/parochial students. If your child is the only one at the stop and will be riding rarely, we ask that you notify our department to have your child listed as “will ride when calling”. The bus will only come to your stop if you need service. You may call the day before or that morning of if you allow ample time. Our phone is manned beginning at 5:30 a.m.

    When the bus is running late, why don’t you call to inform the parents?

    In most cases there simply is not enough time. With over 80 buses running at one time, it is difficult to focus on one vehicle to call the numerous families assigned. In the case of a breakdown, our focus is on getting a replacement vehicle to service the students as quickly as possible.

    Why does NA not honor early dismissals at private/parochial schools?

    Private/parochial students are entitled to the same service as public school. Since there are no early dismissals in the NA school calendar, none are honored for these schools.

    I want to send my child to a private school. Where can I send them and have busing service?

    The school you select must be a not-for-profit school located within ten miles from the closest District border by main thoroughfare. Be aware that your child may experience a long ride depending upon how far and how many other students within the District are going to that school.

    Why is my child’s private school combined with another school?

    For operational efficiency, we sometimes combine schools or transfer students. We combine school to eliminate duplication of service. Transfers occur by utilizing a centralized point (most times one of our NA schools) to reduce ride times.

    Why do many NASH students have to transfer buses?

    With the large volume of students that drive to school, we reduce our fuel consumption and employee cost by streamlining the operation. Bus traffic is greatly reduced.

    Will I get bus service if I ask for a reassignment to another NA school not within my attendance area?

    Parental requests for reassignments come with no transportation.

    What should I do if I move during the school year?

    Notify the school of your change of address and let our Department know 7-10 days ahead of your move so that we may get your child assigned to a bus stop. If you move outside the school's attendance area and wish to have your child remain at that school, you must request a reassignment and this comes with no transportation.

    There is split custody for my child. Can I get him/her assigned to two different buses?

    Yes, but we can only list one primary stop. Contact our department and we will determine a secondary stop and notify the driver. Both homes must be in the same school attendance area for transportation.

    I would like to add a school bus stop closer to my house. What should I do?

    Refer to the Board policy on the website. Your request must meet the criteria or your request will not be considered.

    My child is a full day kindergarten student a private/parochial school. Why are they offered only one-way transportation?

    Non-public families are entitled to the same service as the public school. NA students are only provided one way service; to school for AM kindergarten and from school for PM kindergarten. We allow you to select either AM or PM. The only exception for two-way transportation is if an older sibling is riding both ways AND there is space available on the vehicle.

    I do not have a way to transport my kindergarten student midday. What should I do?

    Contact the school directly. They will assist you in finding a car pool or daycare arrangements.

    Why is my child assigned to a contracted carrier rather than an NA bus?

    The majority of our special needs schools and private schools are serviced by contracted vehicles. With their ever changing enrollments and special requirements, contractors are in most cases better suited to handle these routes.

    How can my child ride home on another bus?

    We discourage this from happening. Requests, if absolutely necessary, should be for childcare requirements only. Additional students riding cause disturbances in seat assignments and may create crowding issues.

    If your child must ride another bus, please contact your child’s school directly. If the request is approved, they will issue a pass to your child notifying the Bus Driver that they are permitted to ride a different bus. Please note that no more than two students may ride with another student on any given day, and with limited open seats on most buses, some requests may not be approved.

    If the bus does not arrive, how long should my child wait at the bus stop?

    Board Policy #3181 states that “all students should wait a minimum of 30 minutes before leaving the stop area”. Use good judgment based on weather conditions.

    How should I find out about school closings and delays?

    More information about North Allegheny school closings and delays can be found on our Closings and Delays page.