• Frequently Asked Questions

    What comes in a complete meal?

    Elementary – An entrée (protein + grain), 2 vegetables, 1 fruit, and milk
    Secondary - An entrée (protein + grain), 2 vegetables, 2 fruits, and milk

    What is a premium meal?

    A premium meal is a more expensive or labor intensive product. Various premium entrées are made in our in-house bakery.

    What happens to money remaining on the account at the end of the school year?

    Any money remaining on the account is rolled over to the next school year.

    Can I transfer the balance from one student's account to another?

    Yes, please contact Dining Services.

    Can I have specific information written on my students account other than the options on the envelope?

    Yes, please send a note in your payment envelope or contact Dining Services. We are unable to monitor how frequently your child visits the lunch line. Account commands such as “1 Snack a Day” and “1 Snack a Week” are not able to be monitored.

    Can my student purchase a lunch with a zero or negative balance?

    Yes, students with a zero or negative balance may charge a complete meal on their account.

    How can I view or receive a copy of what my child is purchasing on a daily basis?

    Visit payschoolscentral.com and create an account to check your child’s account activity or contact Dining Services.

    Why is a credit card required during sign-up for payschoolscentral.com if I don't plan to make payments through the site?

    A credit card is required to sign up for the site, but you are not required to process a transaction through the site.

    Is there a fee for using payschoolscentral.com?

    There is no fee for setting up an account, checking your child’s activity, or checking account balances. When transactions are processed through the site either via check or credit card, a fee is applicable.