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     AUDITION INFO 21-22

    The good news is that LOTS of people are interested in jazz band.  Due to physical space limitations (which Ms. Geary overlooked), we WILL need to hold live auditions for Jazz Band.  

    Click On THIS LINK to see the music you need to prepare.    HERE is a link to an audio recording of a band playing this song.

    You will need to SCROLL to your instrument.  Then prepare #30 on that page called Swingin' With Jack - Full Band Arrangement.  Ms. Geary will give you a hard copy in class.  You will have 1 week to learn the part and we will begin auditions in class next week.  Good luck and happy practicing!


     Rehearsal Schedule - please refer to the calendar in Blackboard - rehearsals will be added once we have a group created.
    Typically we will one day a week (in the past it has been Friday) -  7:10am-8:00am **Note the time listed is the time we PLAY and doesn't include setup and putting things away*
    In the event of a 2 hour delay or cancellation - Rehearsal will be rescheduled for another date (typically that next Tuesday morning).  Students should check the webpage and listen to morning announcements for more information. 
    **The activities fee for the district WILL apply to the CMS Jazz Band**


    Jazz Band:  Jazz Band is available to any student who plays a band instrument, piano, drum set, guitar or bass guitar.  Entrance into this ensemble is by audition only.  Jazz auditions will be held in late September or early October.  The focus is to introduce students to the basic techniques of the Jazz idiom.  As this is a smaller, auditioned group, members are held to a high level of performance, participation and behavior.  The Jazz Band may perform at school assemblies, three or more evening concerts a year, the Allegheny Valley Middle School Jazz Festival, and possibly a short concert for the public.

    ·         Jazz Band meets before school one day a week and approximately once a month after school.  Students are expected to attend ALL rehearsals and are subject to removal from the group if they miss any of them or if they are chronically tardy.  Students are encouraged to be involved in a variety of activities while at CMS, therefore I, the director, will try to resolve all conflicts of extracurricular activities.  If conflicts cannot be resolved, the person may be asked to choose one activity over another to resolve the conflict

    ·         Rehearsals will be from 7:10am to 8:00am.  Additional before or after school sectionals and rehearsals may be needed, but advance notice will be given.  After school rehearsals would typically be held on Mondays.  Additional information will be handed out with the audition material. 

    Attendance at performances

    Concert dates are provided once the group has been selected.  Students with conflicts should notify Miss Geary as soon as possible.  Absences, except for valid reasons, will be treated as “unexcused” and subject to the same result as stated above for absence from practices--- three unexcused absence may result in exclusion from the band.

    Generally, the Jazz Band will perform at the Winter and Spring Concerts, the Allegheny Valley Jazz Festival, the All-NA Jazz Festival, and possibly one other concert in late April or early May.   
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