REPORT CARD DATES - 2021-2022

     Grading Period   Last Day of Grading Period  Report Card Available on Parent Portal

    First Nine Weeks 

    October 26, 2021

    October 29, 2021

    Second Nine Weeks


    January 13, 2022


     January 24, 2022

    Third Nine Weeks


    March 22, 2022


     March 31, 2022

    Fourth Nine Weeks


     June 3, 2022


    June 13, 2022

    Please note that the end of the grading periods occur approximately several days before report cards are available on the parent portal. This allows the teachers the opportunity to finalize any assignments that must be graded and recorded, along with submitting final grades for each grading period. While grades are accessible to parents through the electronic grade book, parents should be aware that grades may change from the last day of the grading period until the time report cards are officially posted on the parent portal. Any concerns should be addressed with the classroom teachers.