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    Name: Mrs. Erin Sullivan
    Grade/Homeroom: 5D
    Room Number: 20 (red door)
    Building Phone: 412-635-4101
    I proudly teach the following classes:
    * ELA (English Language Arts)
    * math
    * social studies 
    * science
    "We're from McKnight, and we're feeling alright!" This year (2018-2019) marks my twelfth year as an educator with the North Allegheny School District.  Aside from teaching fifth grade for  nine years, I have taught fourth grade, kindergarten, and 6th grade (Ingomar Middle) English/reading. Above all, Fifth grade has become my home, and I absolutely, positively LOVE being a fifth grade teacher!
    • B.S. in Applied Developmental Psychology - University of Pittsburgh, Main Campus
    • Master of Arts in Teaching -  University of Pittsburgh, Main Campus 
    From the perspective of both teacher and mom, I strongly believe it is my role to encourage your child each and every day to  become self aware of his/her own personal strengths using a growth mindset model; aim for "I haven't got it...yet" instead of "I can't."   It is my role to provide a both a structured and nurturing environment full of challenges and high expectations where there is a comfort level provided to take risks as a learner; understanding that there is not a need to be "perfect;" simply a need to try his/her best every day when stepping foot into McKnight Elementary and into the outside world itself.  As a mother, the one thing I wish fervently for my daughter is to know how to seek out answers to questions, consistently be curious, kind, empathetic, and respectful - all while finding herself and understanding that hard work and determination are the building blocks of life.  We may stumble, and we may fall; it's how we pick ourselves back up, learn/apply, and move on. 

    All gains are not possible without consistent, positive home-school communication.  It is important that we work as a team to encourage your child to approach learning and social relationships positively and successfully.  When we work as a TEAM, great things can and will happen.
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