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    KA classroom has 24 students. KD classroom has 23 students.
    Here are a few of the important things that go on in our classroom.
     Drinks- Students are allowed to bring a drink from home each day.  I have a cooler in the classroom to help keep it cool.  There is also a water fountain in our classroom if your child forgets their drink.  Please label your child's drink!!
     Super Star Student– Your child will be assigned a week that they share information and pictures with the class.  This activity fosters self-confidence and promotes speaking skills.  The Star Student envelope will be sent home a week before their date.
    Super Sack – This will be sent home with your child to promote speaking skills.  The child gives the class 3 clues of what is in the bag.  Please practice this with your child at home.  Remember the item should not be alive, breakable, or food.
    Celebrations/Borrowed Birthdays– In order to make everyone feel special, we will celebrate birthdays in school.   Due to our Health and Wellness Policy, all birthday treats must be a NON FOOD item.   If your child has a birthday in the summer and you would like to celebrate a “borrowed birthday”, simply write the teacher and pick a date to celebrate their borrowed birthday.
    Book Clubs– We send home monthly book clubs for you to look at and possibly buy.  If you choose to buy books, please send in the form and a CHECK made out to Scholastic.  NO CASH.  (There is an online option.)
    Monthly Newsletters – Each month your child’s teacher will send home a newsletter explaining the month’s activities and the list of the parent volunteers.  Parent volunteers should arrive at 9:30 AM or 1:30 PM.  Plan to stay for your child's school day.
    Parent-Teacher Conferences– They will be held in November and May.  Please be advised that school may be in session for some of the conference days. 
    Report Cards– We will give out report cards in January and June. 
    School Schedule:                KA- AM class is 9:00 - 11:45AM
                                        KD-PM class is 12:45 – 3:30 PM
    In the event of a 2-HOUR DELAY: (Parent Volunteers will not be needed if there is a delay.)    
                                       The AM schedule is 11:00 – 12:45 PM 
                                    The PM schedule is 1:45 – 3:30 PM
Last Modified on March 21, 2020