• Weekly Spelling Words
    There will be a spelling test almost every Friday.     
    Lesson # Spelling Rule Spelling Words
    Lesson 1 (M1W1)

    short vowel /a/ a

    am, at, bat, mat, Sam, sat

    Lesson 2 (M1W2)

     short vowel /a/ a

    an, bad, can, cat, nap, pan, bat, sat, 2 application words

    Lesson 3 (M1W3)

     short vowel /i/ i

    fit, him, is, it, pin, sip, an, cat, 2 application words

    Lesson 4 (M2W1)

     short vowel /i/ i

    big, did, dig, in, pig, sit, fit, pin, 2 application words

    Lesson 5 (M2W2)  short vowel /o/ o

    hot, hop, log, not, on, top, big, sit, 2 aapplication words

    Lesson 6 (M2W3)  short vowel /u/ u

    bug, hug, mud, nut, tub, up, hop, not, application words

    Lesson 7 (M3W1)  short vowel /e/ e

    hen, leg, pen, web, wet, yet, bug, tub

    Lesson 8 (M3W2)  double final consonants

    egg grass, miss, tell, well, will, leg, yet

    Lesson 9 (M3W3)  consonant digraph /sh/

    dash, fish, rush, ship, shop, wish, miss, tell 

    Lesson 10 (M4W1)  consnant digraph /ch/

    chick, chin, chip, chop, much, rich, rush, shop

    Lesson 11 (M4W2)  consonant digraphs /th/ /wh/

    that, then, this, which, whip, with, chin, much

    Lesson 12 (M4W3)  initial blends with /s/

    slid, spit, split, step, stop, strap, that, which

    Lesson 13


     initial blends with /l/

    clap, club, flag, flap, slam, sled, slid, stop            

    Lesson 14


     initial blends with /r/

    drip, drum, grin, scrub, trap, trip, club, sled 

    Lesson 15 (M5W3)  final blends

    ant, fast, jump, lamp, must, went, grin, trip

    Lesson 16 (M6W1)  CV pattern; Question Words

    go, how, me, no, so, what, when, where, who, why, fast, went

    Lesson 17 (M6W2)  Long a (VCe)

    brave, came, flake, gave, had, late, make, map, plate, shape, what, where

    Lesson 18 (M6W3)  Long i, o (VCe)

    bike, drive, home, joke, kite, like, poke, stove, time, white, late, shape

    Lesson 19 (M7W1)  Long u, u (VCe)

    bake, cute, flute, game, hike, Luke, tube, use, wake, woke, drive, home

    Lesson 20 (M7W2)  Long e, (ee, ea)

    be, eat, feet, keep, mean, read, see, she, team, tree, game, woke

    Lesson 21 (M7W3)  Long a (ai, ay)

    day, grain, mail, may, pain, play, rain, sail, stay, way, read, see

    Lesson 22 (M8W1)  Long o (oa, ow)

    blow, boat, coat, grow, low, road, row, show, snow, toad, mail, play

    Lesson 23 (M8W2)  Long i (ie, igh, y)

    by, dry, fly, light, my, night, pie, sky, tie, try, grow, show

    Lesson 24 (M8W3)  ar

    arm,art, bar, bark, barn, card, farm, jar, yard, yarn, try, night

    Lesson 25 (M9W1)  or, ore

    born, corn, door, fork, horn, more, score, shore, short, story, art, barn

    Lesson 26 (M9W2)  er, ur

    bird, fern, fur, girl, her, hurt, sir, stir, third, turn, fork, story

    Lesson 27 (M9W3)

     Final Blends -ng,


    catch, catches, cent, cents, long, pitch, pitches, thank, thing, think, her, third

    Lesson 28 (M10W1)  Contractions with 've, 're

    can't, didn't, I'll, I'm, isn't, it's, that's, wasn't, we'll, you'll, catches, thank

    Lesson 29 (M10W2)  Vowel Pattern oo

    book, boyhood, brook, foot, good, hook, shook, took, wood, wool, isn't, you'll

    Lesson 30 (M10W3) Vowel Patterns oo, ou, ew

    blew, boot, moon, new, noon, soon, soup, too, you, zoo, book foot


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