• Please review all of the letters of the alphabet, all of the letter sounds (both long and short vowel sounds too) and these kindergarten high-frequency words before first grade starts!  This will ensure a smooth transition for your child.  Flashcards are a great way to practice with your child.  You may have your child write the words on halves of index cards or just print them out on the computer to practice.
    Kindergarten high-frequency words:  I, a, my, the, go, to, like, he, come, here, this, me, for, where, do, you, look, one, see, what, two, up, down, we, want, out, who, are, they, she, good, and, there, give, little, that, have.


    High-Frequency Words Robust Vocabulary
      Review of letter sounds and kindergarten words
    Lesson 1 who, help, let's, now bothered, distance, form, attention, perform, supportive
    Lesson 2 in, too, no, look nearby, fright, escape, cram, solution, strategy
    Lesson 3 so, hold, get, home, soon, now, let's sensed, especially, memorize, capacity, proud, haul
    Lesson 4 late, oh, yes, too, a, have pouted, ambled, politely, routine, considerate, unexpected
    Lesson 5 find, much, thank, help, no, what, do good horrible, invigorated, presented, sweltering, aid, persistent
    Lesson 6 how, make, of, some, finds, where, she, for, up commotion, muffle, overflowing, symbol, search, locate
    Lesson 7 what, make, the, day, eat, first, said, time, was odor, assemble, consume, enthusiastic, chorus, shoved
    Lesson 8 do, sees, he, the, thanks, now, don't, her, line, Mr., new, says, water applauded, chatty, gather,duty, envy, resent
    Lesson 9 find, make, how, much, does, many, be, grow, live, food, some, thanks dine, claimed, nutritious, classify, function, groaned
    Lesson 10 your, arms, every, school, head, feet, use, way mused, ashamed, superb, awkward, soared, athletic
    Lesson 11 lives, was, now, animals, cold, fish, from, their, under, very nuzzled, pranced, raging, adapt, intriguing, inhabit
    Lesson 12 was, too, now, came, could, gold, happy, made, night, saw, were reward, handsomely, cruel, greedy, consequences, regret
    Lesson 13 be, grow, was, air, fly, friends, grew, need, play, rain, watch doubt, continue, transform, astonishing, examine, devour
    Lesson 14 cold, play, says, her, again, feel, house, know, loud, Mrs., put, say reassure, pace, energetic, excel, approached, blunder
    Lesson 15 find, too, happy, house, about, books, family, name, people, read, work, writing cozily, interrupted, admire, ambition, triumphantly, accomplishment
    Lesson 16 now, oh, out, friends, cow's, no, by, always, join, nice, please, room relax, mercy, captured, struggling, amiable, compatible
    Lesson 17 would, soon, make, family, join, animals, buy, carry, money, other, paint, paper rejoice, unthinkable, predicament, extraordinary, agreement, unnoticed
    Lesson 18 eat, day, play, three, tree, surprise, pretty, our, mouse, over, onto bulged, command, argue, jostled, labored, wary
    Lesson 19 would, nice, mouse, always, dear, door, hurry, mother, should, sky, told rapidly, gullible, devious, hastily, courteous, unreasonable
    Lesson 20 sky, would, hurry, other, over, four, dry, cool, holes, move, place, warm bitterly, chided, realized, grumbling, dwelling, amusement
    Lesson 21 warm, cool, over, our, mother, told, around, found, gone, hears, might, near, open, tired devoted, overjoyed, alarmed, mysterious, sympathy, sensitive
    Lesson 22 warm, cool, should, near, because, light, right, those, walked incident, gradual, downpour, seek, oblivious, indecisive
    Lesson 23 brown, warm, hello, pulled, around, loudly, walked, love, found, open, city asserted, retorted, congregate, offended, congenial, cheerful
    Lesson 24 light, gone, tired, loudly, found, open, become, busy, eyes, remembered, high, listen, talk, visitor joy, pleased, puzzling, unrelenting, probing, stammered
    Lesson 25 because, love, visitor, clear, kinds, hair, only, color, toes, good-bye peaceful, variety, incredible, deserve, usually, typical
    Lesson 26 climbed, thought, listen, fooling, only, clear, earth, loudly, table pale, affectionate,similar, shadowy, imaginative, fondly
    Lesson 27 kinds, hear, remembered, eyes, clear, fooling, answered, baby, done, heard, pools, pushed, together wailed, hopeless, lonesome, quivered, scattered, elated
    Lesson 28 toes, pushed, kinds, thought, answered, able, almost, blue, great, poured, took, traveled properly, arrived, anticipate, familiar, numerous, vibrant
    Lesson 29 climbs, almost, push, pour, great, hears, boy, building, tomorrow, toward, welcoming wriggle, prickly, interested, cooperative, construct, assist
    Lesson 30 tomorrow, traveled, took, done, answered, any, front, nothing, ready, sorry seized, tiresome, tremendous, exhausted, outrageous, patient
    Ginger Reading 1    Ginger Reading 2
    Here is Ginger looking for High Frequency Words in the Sunday paper!  When she finds one, she highlights it.  When she finishes the article, she counts how many words she found.  Then she tallies all of the words up according to the first letter of each word.  Sometimes, she even makes a graph using the information from the tally.  When she really feels bright, she puts all of the words into alphabetical order!  Often times she writes the words on index cards and tries to make sentences with them!  What creative ideas can you come up with the words you find? 
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