• Here is a list of supplies that can be brought to school for first grade:
    *1 clear plastic "Sterilite" 6 Qt./5.7 L  shoe box with removable lid (found at WalMart, K-Mart or Target), labeled on the end with your child's name and 1A.  The containers that have the purple handles do not fit in the desks.  Please don't buy those. 
    *1  1-inch three ring binder with an inside pocket in the front and the back.  Please get the heavy duty clear view front and back kind and you can have your child decorate a piece of paper and slip it into the front of only one of the binders.  Please print their name on the spine in permanent marker on each binder.
    *1 or 2 glue sticks per quarter (the others should be stored at home for future use if you bought a multiple pack)
    *1 pair of child size Fiskar scissors, labeled with your child's name or 1A
    *1 box of crayons (the school will provide the standard 8 pack, no more than 24 to a pack!)
    *1 soap dish with an attached lid or a plastic crayon box (please put your child's crayons in this container before the start of school-if the crayons don't all fit then they have too many crayons)
    *1 box of 8 washable markers
    *No. 2 pencils (no more than 3 pencils please)  **No handheld pencil sharpeners are needed.  Please don't send one to school.**
    *2 large boxes of tissues (for our classroom & special area) 
    *1 roll of white tear-away paper towels
    *1 gently used sock 
    *1 highlighter per quarter-any color 
    *headphones (earbuds seem to slip out of their ears frequently)
    **hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes are always welcome**
    District Approved Cleaning Chemicals

    The Health and Safety Committee has issued a list of district approved cleaning chemicals that are permitted to use and/or bring into the schools.

    Disinfecting Wipes

    These items are for adult use only. No one under 18 is permitted to use these products.

    • Clorox Wipes
    • Target Brand wipes
    • Kirkland Brand Wipes (Costco)
    • Lysol Disinfecting Wipes
    • Member’s Mark Disinfecting Wipes (Sam’s Club)


    Hand Sanitizer

    • GOJO brand-Purell instant Sanitizer
    • Clorox Hand Sanitizer
    • Member’s Mark Sanitizer (Sam’s Cub)
    • Kirkland Brand Sanitizer (Costco)
    • GermX hand Sanitizer
    Please make sure each item is clearly marked with either your child's name or initials and 1A.  The clear plastic shoe box and the 1 inch binder are the most important items on the list.  This is the "drawer" where they will keep all of their supplies.  This fits next to their books and will help keep their desk neat.  Since they will have the drawer, they will not need a pencil box, pencil case, or pouch of any kind.  Please don't send one to school with your child. 
    For the first day of school, you may pack the drawer with some of their supplies including the lid.  They'll take the lid off at their desk and I'll keep the lid until the last day of school to tote their supplies home. Please make sure their name is on the box and the lid.  Not all of these items need to be brought to school all at once.  You may also bring them with you to curriculum night.  To make their load lighter on the first day please send in only the drawer with lid, a few supplies, and a binder.  The supplies may be sent in the remaining days of the week and the following week.
    I can't wait to meet all of my new first graders!
    Mrs. Pison
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