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    Classroom Rules and Expectations

    Happy Tiger

         1.     Follow directions the first time given.
    2.     Raise your hand when you wish to speak or share ideas.
    3.     Keep hands, feet, objects, and hurtful comments to yourself.
    4.     Say and do nothing when someone makes a mistake.  (We will all make   
           mistakes throughout the year, so don’t be afraid to take risks.)
    5.     Come prepared to class with homework, books, binder, assignment book,    
           pencil, etc.
    6.     Complete your work neatly and carefully.
    7.     Listen quietly during announcements and special programs.

        Our classroom rules are designed to provide a positive learning environment in which each student can develop his/her academic, social, and emotional skills.  I use a variety of positive reinforcement strategies to reinforce appropriate behavior.  (Ask your child about our marble jars and dazzling desk awards!)  Students may also be rewarded computer time, extra recess, and small prizes.

                If students do not follow the rules, they will receive a verbal warning, which is a reminder to follow the rules.  If the behavior continues, he/she will lose 10 minutes of recess.  If the inappropriate behavior continues, the student will need to complete a “Classroom Happenings” form.  On this form the student will identify the unacceptable behavior, tell why it is inappropriate, and list ways to improve his/her behavior.  This form will then be signed by the student, teacher, and parent. Please refer to the student handbook for our school rules and behavior plan.





Last Modified on October 25, 2012