Weekly Updates

    Week of February 17-21, 2020
    Thanks to YOU we won the Winter Box Top Contest. The kids voted to have a PJ Day as their reward.  It will be on Tuesday.  Way to go 3D! 
    A new Box Top Contest has started and will come to an end this Friday. Please be sure to sign up for the App and/or send in your Box Tops by Friday.  The winning classroom will get a $30 Amazon gift card, extra recess and a trophy.   
    Whole Group Orchestra- Wednesday
    Social Studies  
    *Chapter 8 Ancient Civilizations 
    *Presidents' Day
     *Chapter 9 Comparing Fractions 
    *9.1 Problem Solving-Comparing Fractions 
    *9.2 Compare Fractions with the Same Denominator
    *9.3 Compare Fractions with the Same Numerator 
    *9.4 Compare Fractions 
    *Don't forget about the Personal Math Trainer on the online math book.  It is a wonderful resource for extra practice.  You can find these lessons on the Think Central App or website under your child's "Things to Do".   It provides additional practice at home.  This will be optional, unless it is otherwise stated.  It includes extra practice problems and explanations.
      English Language Arts (ELA)  
    *Lesson 18- "Me and Uncle Romie"  
    *Spelling- Suffixes -er, -est, -ly, -ful 2X due Wednesday/pages due Thursday. The test will be on Thursday.  
    *Grammar Skill- articles (a, an and the)-quiz Thursday
    *Comprehension Skill- Theme
    *Robust Vocabulary-test Friday
    *Following Directions 
    We will be  reviewing how to form all of the cursive letters.  The children are expected to complete their spelling homework in cursive. 

    Class Meeting-  Our class meetings will be every Monday afternoon.  We will discuss a variety of topics relating to bullying.  We use the Olweus and Second Step Programs.  This week we will be talking about February's word- KINDNESS.   






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