Weekly Updates

    Week of September 23-27, 2019
    *Full Group Orchestra-Wednesday*
    Social Studies  
    *3D-Monday and Thursday     *3E Tuesday and Friday
    *Chapter 1 Test- Monday for 3D and Tuesday for 3E
    For the test, the students will need to label a compass rose.  They will need to know how to spell North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest.  They will also need to identify the continents and oceans.  There will be a word bank for this part of the test.  They will NOT need to know how to spell them. I passed out several papers that they can use to study last week.  They were told to put them in their "homework" folder.  
    *Chapter 2 Communities
    *What is a Community? 
    *Geography Shapes a Community
    *Chapter 1 Addition and Subtraction within 1000
    *Chapter 1 Part 2 Test -  Tuesday and Wednesday. (I released two practice tests on Personal Math Trainer for them to use for extra practice.) 
    *Chapter 2 Represent and Interpret Data 
    *2.1 Problem Solving-Organize Data
    *2.2 Use Picture Graphs
    *Don't forget about the Personal Math Trainer on the online math book.  It is a wonderful resource for extra practice.  You can find these lessons on the Think Central App or website under your child's "Things to Do".   It provides additional practice at home.  This will be optional, unless it is otherwise stated.  It includes extra practice problems and explanations.
      English Language Arts (ELA)  
    *Lesson 4 "Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut"  
    *Spelling-Plurals -s, -es
    *Grammar- Complete and Compound Subjects and Predicates
    *Comprehension Skill- Locating Information (text features) 
    *Robust Vocabulary
    We will be  reviewing how to form all of the cursive letters.  The children are expected to complete their spelling homework in cursive. 

    Class Meeting-  Our class meetings will be every Monday afternoon.  We will discuss a variety of topics relating to bullying.  We use the Olweus and Second Step Programs.   This week we will be reading and discussing A Bad Case of Stripes.  






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