• Kindergarten FID Activities (Flexible Instruction Day) 


    English Language Arts 

    • Listen to a story and tell what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the story and identify the characters, setting and main idea in the story
    • Read a story to a parent or friend
    • Write/draw a journal entry about your day
    • ABC Treasure Hunt - see if you can find something around your house that begins with each letter of the alphabet and write the words using kindergarten spelling
    • Draw a picture of a room where you are and label the things in the room
    • Spend 20 minutes in iRead 


    • Play a board game or a card game with a parent or friend
    • Count how many shoes you have and write the number.  Count how many shoes another family member has and write the number. Circle the bigger number.  
    • Trace your hand or foot and estimate how many pennies, legos, or pasta will fit inside of it
    • Build a tower of objects (e.g. legos, blocks, cans). Break the tower into two parts. Tell how many are in each part and then how many there are altogether



    Social Studies

    • Take recycled items and create an invention with them
    • Build something inside the house or outside
    • Create a card for someone
    • Pick a calendar event and create a poster explaining the event


Last Modified on January 13, 2021