• NASD Offers Free Meals for All Students Every Day

    Updated May 26, 2021

    NASD continues to be approved to provide free breakfast and lunch for all students. Below are the procedures to sign up for and pick up meals.

    Sign Up

    Upcoming Pickup Dates

    Meals will be bagged grab-and-go style and will include a breakfast and a lunch option for each day of remote learning. All meals can be picked up at NASH from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

    • Wednesday, June 2


    Visit the NA website to see what will be included in the meals this week! If you have any concerns with allergens, such as peanuts or pork, please list them in the comment field when signing up for meals.

    Meal Consumption

    Wednesday, June 2 Meal Distribution

    • Meals are for consumption on remote learning days from Wednesday, June 2 (pickup day) through Tuesday, June 8.

    Pickup Process

    • Enter the NASH property and proceed to the front entrance.
    • Do not get out of your vehicle.
      • Bagged meals will be distributed to you while you are in your vehicle.


    Please contact Jay West with Metz Culinary Services at jwest@northallegheny.org with any questions.