• Students will receive a grade in Band.  Band is a curricular elective course and will be graded in the same way as the Special Area classes (Art, PE, Music, Library).
    Band students will receive a grade for Band on their report cards for the second and fourth nine-weeks report cards. The students’ Band grade is comprised of two categories:
    Participation and Skills.
    Each Band student will receive a Participation grade for each week.  It is worth 5 points per week.  Participation/Behavior grades are given for bringing all necessary materials to band lessons (instrument, book & folder), and coming prepared to play the week's assignment. Students are given full credit for having all of their materials and showing evidence of practicing at home. 
    If a student forgets his/her materials:
    1st Time: Verbal Warning--"Freebie forget"
    2nd Time: Deduction of participation points
    3rd Time and beyond: Contact parents at home (phone or email) 
    The Skills portion of the Band grade will consist of playing assessments and additional assignments throughout the school year.  Grades will be based on rubrics created by the teacher.