• Studio 140
    Remote Learning Art Gallery


    Welcome to the Studio 140 Remote Learning Art Gallery!
    Scroll down to check out some of the amazing digital art projects
    CMS students have created from home during remote instruction. Enjoy!


  • Tiger Grid Collaborative Digital Painting ~ Grade 7

  • Tiger Strong

    Tiger Strong Together, a collaborative distance learning art project by seventh grade artists, May 2020

    Collaborating artists: Catherine Abel, Ellie Babcock, Clayton Blough, Brenna Collery, Hallie Dong, Paul Foster, Juliet Guttendorf, Elijah Hohmann, Robert James, Colin Joyce, Satrio Kusuma, Logan Magorien, Evan Obusek, Sophia Raleigh, Gabrielle Rush, Steven Smith, Matthew Tan, Christopher Willow, Hannah Yang

  • Digital Stuffed Animal Portraits ~ Grade 6

  • Stuffed Animal Portraits, a distance learning art project by sixth grade artists, May 2020