• Google Classroom Commenting Do's and Dont's

    Hello Everyone

    I love hearing from all of you, please use the comments respectfully. Please try not to comment several times in a row and please only address comments to me. The comment section should not be used to try and talk with everyone. Here is a quick list of dos and don'ts:

    - ask me questions
    - inform me you have practice
    - inform me of any problems you are having with the assignment or instrument
    - treat the comments with the same respect you would give me

    Do NOT:
    - use the comments to talk with friends
    - post several comments in a row before I have the chance to see them
    - comment on things that are not related to orchestra.
    - post anything that is inappropriate for school, mean, or hurtful

    If i see inappropriate use of commenting, I will have to turn off your ability to comment.

    Happy Practicing,

    Mr. Whitt