• Speech and Language Remote Learning

    Please use this page to access all communications regarding speech and language service delivery. This site will be updated as changes arise. At this time, assignments are being delivered via email.

    *Please note, students have the option to send Mrs. Berry a video for feedback via email. Please only do this if you feel comfortable doing so.

    Week of 04/06-04/07

    Grades K-5: Assignment ideas were emailed to parents on 04/05. If you have questions or did not receive, please reach out to me via email at: rberry@northallegheny.org.

    Grades 6-8: Families were notified that assignments will be sent directly to students via Blackboard moving forward. If you have questions or did not receive, please reach out to me via email at: rberry@northallegheny.org.


    Week of 03/30-04/03

    Dear Families:

    A video along with all speech program assignments were emailed to parents on Sunday 03/29 from Mrs. Berry. Students in grades 3 and above were CC'ed on emails with assignments. If you did not receive this weeks speech work, please reach out to me via email at: rberry@northallegheny.org.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Berry


    Week of 03/23-03/27

    Dear Families:

    We hope this letter finds you well and able to spend some quality family time together at this difficult period. We have been diligently meeting and working together as a department to determine the best ways to support our students and you as parents and guardians as we navigate the challenges of remote learning. As a part of your child’s educational plan, speech/language services will continue to be offered as a part of remote learning. 

    As we all adjust to the challenges of this task during the first week, we have developed speech/language choice boards containing simple ways to practice speech and language skills around the house and/or during other school activities. You may select a few activities from this board to complete throughout the week that fit in with your schedule at home. You are welcome to send your child’s speech therapist a video or audio clip of them completing these activities for feedback.

    Please look for future email communication regarding speech and language support services as we explore these options and continue to discuss the best way to support our students during this time. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through this new system of learning. We are sure your children miss their friends and daily routines, and we miss working with your children, and not seeing them on a regular schedule as well.  Take care and we will be in touch!


    North Allegheny Speech and Language Department

    Articulation Choice Board

    Fluency/Stuttering Choice Board

    Language Level 1 (K-3)

    Language Level 2 (4-8)

    Social Language Choice Board