• Hi Peebles Students and Parents! 

    We did it!  We've made it to the final week of remote learning!  All of my students have done a tremendous job with remote learning, and I couldn't be more proud of the artwork they've created at home.  I know this was a challenging task for many families, and I truly appreciate everyone's effort to support art-making.  I've created a Choice-Board for our final Art assignment this week.  All PES students will be using the same choice board for the final week of school.  If you have multiple children at PES, they are welcome to work together on this assignment. I hope you have a wonderful summer, and I will see you all on June 10th!

    Please email me at ehughey@northallegheny.org if you have any questions.  Thanks! -Miss Hughey


    Kindergarten Art 

    Kindergarten students do not have access to Google Classroom yet, so I will be posting their lessons here on my website.  Below, you will see the blue hyperlink that says "Choice Board".  Simply click this link, and the lesson will download.  Kindergarten is not required to turn in any of their remote learning work, but if you are able to, I would love so see their final projects.  If you would like to turn in a photo, there is a Google Form that you can fill out with student's name, class, and an uploaded image. 

    Thanks!  -Miss Hughey


    Kindergarten Lesson:

    Choice Board

    Kindergarten Art Submission


    1st Grade Art

    1A-> 5vldfwg

    1B-> mzfhj52

    1C -> 5enl5hs


    2nd Grade Art

    2A -> p5drh36

    2B -> 2acktdv

    2C -> ksbisqc


    3rd Grade Art

    3A-> lbvog2l

    3B-> jfkf327

    3C-> q6qa3b5


    4th Grade Art

    4A-> qwvwzv5

    4B-> ba5kdet

    4C-> ggp44oh


    5th Grade Art

    5A -> h6lnuhv

    5B -> iz7cu2d

    5C -> ai6souq