• Remote Learning Dashboard

    for Mr. Voland's GOAL & Advanced Math (6M4) Classes

    Remote learning

    This is a landing page for where to find content and remote learning materials. Please access these platforms or apps for the latest information. If you have specific questions, please email Mr. Voland.

    2nd Grade GOAL:

    • Seesaw
    • Google Classroom

    4th Grade GOAL:

    • Seesaw
    • Google Classroom

    5th Grade GOAL:

    • Seesaw
    • Google Classroom

    6th Grade Mathematics (6M4): Instruction occurs on odd calendar days

    • Seesaw
    • Google Classroom

    turn in!

    Students: Please turn in any assignments, projects, or homework using Google Classroom.  I will create an assignment/homework item under the classwork tab of each individual Google Classroom class.  You will receive a notification when that assignment/homework item is created and posted.  If you have difficulties submitting your homework, then please email me.  Depending on the assignment, your submission may be a picture, worksheet, project, or other creative items.  Sometimes you will be asked to post your item on Seesaw for others in the class to see.

    sign in!

    Do not forget to sign in every day we have class! 

    Use this link for more information on signing in for your school attendance.

    get smarter!

    Looking for more ways to learn? 

    Try some of these Elementary Online Learning Resources posted on the NA website.

    Don't feel like digging for a resource?  Try this!


    Or even try this! Daily Online STEAM Challenge!


    Thank you!

    Parents: We appreciate all of your support, patience, and understanding during this unique situation.  Please continue to monitor your emails for communication from NASD.  We are positive that this will be a great learning experience for all students, and we cannot thank you enough for all that you do for your child!


Last Modified on March 23, 2020