Welcome to Kindergarten!


    Communication: Each week, I will post a newsletter on our class website under the correlating tab. Please visit the Weekly Newsletter tab each week to learn about things happening in our classroom, academic skills we are practicing, and our homework assignment. 
    Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I will always do my best to respond within 24 hours.  If it is urgent, please contact the main office (Secretary: Mrs. Janet Pisani) at (412) 366-9667. 
    Pick-Up Changes/Urgent Matters:  Any change in dismissal information requires a written note to school (you received these during Curriculum Night or can print your own from the PES website).  If you're worried the note won't make it to my mailbox, please also send me an e-mail.  If you have a sudden change in pick-up/dismissal schedule, please contact the main office.  In the classroom, I do not always have the opportunity to check my e-mail by the end of the school day, so it is best to contact the office if you have not sent in a written note.       
    Student of the WeekYour child will be assigned a week that they share information and pictures with the class.  Each day will be something special.  This packet will come home prior to the start of your child's special week!  
    Seesaw-  I use this app to share photos with you about things taking place in our classroom throughout the week!  Sign up information is sent during the Month of September.
    Classroom Folders:  Your child will have a classroom folder provided by our wonderful PTA!  Please empty the folder each night (only leaving your child's smiley calendar inside on the left-hand side).  Any notes to school should be placed on the left-hand side of your child's folder in front of his/her calendar.  I will check folders for approximately the first two weeks of school.  After students get comfortable with our routine, I will begin to give verbal reminders for them to check their folders independently and place necessary items in my mailbox.  If you're concerned that a note may not make its way to my mailbox, please feel free to send me an email as well.  If you find that through the year your child's folder rips or isn't holding up well,  you are welcome to send in a new one of your choosing (please label the front with your little one's name)!       
    PM Kindergarten Bus/Pick-up Tags:  The bus/bear tags are designed to help your child and others visually see which way/bus your child is heading home from school.  Please send your child's bus/pick-up tag back to school each day for the first week of school.  Thank you!
    Water Bottles:  Kindergarten students are welcome to bring water bottles to school.  Each day, students are given a designated "drink break" time.  We also have a classroom water fountain that your child is able to use at this time if you would prefer not to send a water bottle. Only water is permitted inside of the bottles at school.  Students are also certainly able to get a drink as needed (when they raise their hand to ask).
    • Is typically sent home on the Monday of each week and is due back to school on Friday. 
    • Wonderful Wednesday Homework-  This is typically a non-paper-based activity that will either be emailed directly to you or available on our classroom website.  We will not have a Wednesday assignment each week so please do not be alarmed if you do not receive a Wonderful Wednesday email on occasion.   

    Super Sack This will be sent home with your child to promote speaking skills.  Your child should place one item inside of the sack.  On a piece of paper, please help your child to write/draw three clues that they will give to their classmates at school the next day about their object.  Ex:  It is red, round, and you can bounce it (Answer: ball).   Remember the item should not be alive (nothing breathing-Please!, breakable, or food, and should fit inside of the bag provided).  When writing the clues, it is certainly fine for you to write them for your child and have your child draw a picture next to each to help remind them of what it says.  It is our goal that by January, your child is writing his/her clues with you, trying to use his/her sounds.  

    What to do if my child is sick and misses school?:  There is no requirement to call the school/classroom teacher if your child is missing school.  I do appreciate a quick email letting me know that you're child is going to be absent or tardy.  Please plan to send a note to school following your child's absence indicating the date and reason for missing school.

    What to do if we are going on vacation during the school year?:  Please complete the Vacation Request Form available on the Peebles website and submit it either to myself or the main office for Principal approval.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences – They will be held in November and May (spring conferences are optional).

    No PM Kindergarten Days-  For certain special days/events, PM kindergarteners will come to school in the AM only (9:00-11:45) on the following days:  Field Trip Day.  There will be no afternoon kindergarten class as the Field Trip for all students will be in the AM.     

    Report CardsWe will submit report cards in January and June.  They will be able to be viewed online.

    Watches/Jewelry & Backpack toys-  If possible, please leave watches, necklaces, and bracelets at home.  Kindergarteners are here for such a short time and those items often become a distraction in the classroom.Students do not need to bring any toys, games, or trading cards (pokemon, etc.) to school with them.  We have plenty of toys and games in our classroom for inside recess days.

    Recess & Physical Education class:  Weather permitting, these classes are often outside.  Please help your child to dress appropriately on these days and apply suscreen/lotions/sprays prior to coming to school if needed.  Additionally, students have recess teachers that monitor/surpervise them during this time at school.   

     Your support is greatly appreciated!  

    Birthday Information
    Due to our Health and Wellness Policy, all birthday treats must be approved through our nurse at least 48 hours ahead of time.  Please fill out the appropriate treat form and return it to school with your child. 
    *We are strongly encouraging NON FOOD items as birthday treats.   The students really do seem to enjoy non-edible treats more since they are able to keep them and show their families.  Please keep this in mind as your child's birthday approaches. 
    Thank you!
    *Summer birthdays will be celebrated in school at the end of the school year, in May.  If your child has a summer birthday, a list with your child's celebration day will be sent home in April/May to indicate which day we will be celebrating at school!
    *Weekend birthdays will be celebrated on the next school day!  If your child's birthday is on a Saturday, we will not celebrate it the Friday before, we will wait until the following week!