• Guidelines on Remote Learning for Elementary School Students

    Each day students should do the following:

    1. Check-in for attendance by logging into TigerID and clicking on the Remote Learning Check-In App. Visit our website for directions.
    2. Follow your teacher’s directions to locate assignments. Each teacher will have a quick link on their landing page entitled “Remote Learning”. On this link, parents/guardians and students can find information related to how that specific teacher is presenting Remote Learning activities and lessons. Teachers will be using one of the following locations to house assignments:
      • Google Classroom
      • Website
      • Emailed directly to parents/guardians (if sending to students, parents/guardians must be copied on all emails)
      • Other platforms they are currently using and have been communicated with their students and parents/guardians (i.e. Schoology, SeeSaw)

    School Day Schedule

    1. Assignments will be scheduled upon a two-day rotation based on an even calendar day or an odd calendar day (March 25 = odd day, March 26 = even day, March 27 = odd day, March 30 = even day, etc.)
      • Even Calendar Day - ELA and Social Studies will be assigned
      • Odd Calendar Day - Math and Science will be assigned
      • Special Area (Art, Library, Music, PE,) activities/lessons will be posted on Monday and students will have the entire week to complete all four assignments by Friday at 3:30 p.m.
    2. Activities and/or assignments should be between:
      • 15 and 30 minutes per subject area for K-2 students
      • 25 and 45 minutes per subject area for 3-5 students
    3. Teachers are available via email during normal school hours if students or parents/guardians have questions
    4. Teachers will have a lesson available for their students by 8:00 a.m. on the even/odd day. For lessons that are spread over multiple days, this will be noted in the lesson explanation. Teachers are strongly recommended to post all assignments for the week on Monday.
    5. Counselors will be available during the school day via email for support. They will also continue with any appointments previously made via conference call. The counselors/social workers will share the conference line via email with those students who are scheduled to meet with them. Reference this document to access counselor contact information.
    6. Nurses will be available during the school day via email for support. Reference this document to access nurse contact information.
    7. If at any time you need support and do not know who to ask, please reach out to your principal or assistant principal. Reference this document to access principal contact information.

    If you have specific questions about your child’s lessons, you are encouraged to reach out directly to the teacher.

    Technology Services

    Technology Services has added telephone support for remote learning for staff, students, and families. A hardware swap-by-mail program to manage hardware repairs is available through the Service Desk.

    You can reach the Help Desk at https://servicedesk.northallegheny.org, via email at servicedesk@northallegheny.org, or via phone at 412-369-5849.

    Online Math and Science Support for NA Students (Grades 4-8) by NA Students

    As North Allegheny transitions to remote learning, the NASH student group STEM & Buds will host cost-free, one-on-one online tutoring from high school volunteers in math and science for students in grades 4-8. During weekly sessions, students will be able to ask questions of the volunteer tutors on coursework and get explanations of challenging concepts.

    Elementary and middle school students interested in receiving tutoring can sign up online using this form. High school students interested in volunteering should fill out this application. For more information, visit www.stemandbudspa.org. If you have any questions, please email stemandbudspa@gmail.com.