• Hello parents and families!

    As we experience this Remote Learning adventure together, here is some information you will need to know in regards to my classroom and expectations during this time:



    - Please check your e-mail frequently to receive updates from me. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.




    - Please make sure your child has BlackBoard on his or her iPad. If you are having trouble locating this app, it can be found in the Google Apps folder on your child's iPad; if not, please download the app from Self-Service. 

    - I have created classes for each group that I have for Math and ELA. When you click on the links for the classes with your child, you will see that I have created Google Meet links for any of the live sessions. I will NOT be using Collaborate. I will be using the Google Meet links. This has worked best for my students in the past. 


    Student Workbooks, Books, and Folders

    - If/when we have any remote learning this year, your child will have everything they need in their backpacks! If I am unable to send everything home the day before we go remote, I will then drive around and drop off the materials to each one of my students! You will find that I have organized all of their books, workbooks, and folders accordingly in order to follow the plan for ELA, Math, or both remotely. Thank you for your help and cooperation! :)