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    Lessons June 1-5  Last Week of School

    Monday 6/1


    Complete the pages in the Extra Practice packet to get ready for your Chapter 10 Math test on Wednesday.  I did the first one on each page for you.  Please complete the rest.

    Play Reflex Math and get a green circle.


    Use the Pebble Go app on your iPad to research an animal.  Click on Animals and then choose any animal you would like to research.  Find out about the animal’s body, habitat, food, life cycle and fun facts. You can tap on the speaker button to have it read to you.  Write 3-5 sentences about your animal and draw a picture of your animal.  Remember to use capital letters and punctuation in your sentences.   Add it to your Seesaw journal.

    Tuesday 6/2


    Practice the Spelling Words Lesson 27.  Play a Spelling City game, do a Tic Tac Toe activity, or write your words 3 times each.  Your test will be on Thursday.

    Participate in this Word Building Lesson


    Use letter tiles or the Magnetic ABC app to build ou and ow words.

    Read The Loud Sound in Seesaw. Look for the ou and ow words like in ouch and cow.

    Read the Anthology story Ebb and Flo.


    Do Lesson 27 page 16 and 19 in the Storytown practice book to practice the HFW words and ou/ow words.  Your tests will be on Thursday.

    Do the HFW Rapid Word Timing for Tuesday.

    Optional:  Join the Google Hangouts Meet if you would like and are permitted to join.  Bring a Show-n-Tell to share.  Girls will meet at 11:00 and Boys will meet at 1:00 this time.

    Social Studies

    Read Topic 7 (Freedom and Liberty) and Topic 8 (Patriots) in US Symbols Social Studies Magazine to finish the magazine.

    Father’s Day is on June 21st.  Start working on your Father’s Day projects. You will choose 2 to do this week.  The 3rd one is optional.  The Father’s Day Message and the #1 Dad activities will be in Seesaw.  The Give Dad a Hand book you will need to print if you want to make that one.  You will work on them tomorrow too.


    Wednesday 6/3


    Take Chapter 10 Math test.

    Play Reflex Math and get a green circle.


    Finish your Father’s Day projects.  The Father’s Day Message and #1 Dad Activity will be in Seesaw and the Give Dad a Hand book you will need to print.  Choose 2 of them.  The 3rd one is optional.

    Thursday 6/4


    Take Lesson 27 spelling test in Spellingcity.

    Take Lesson 27 HFW test

    Take ow phonics test.

    Read Ebb and Flo and answer the comprehension questions with someone.

    Do your 3rd HFW timing and send it to me.  You can put it on the Wednesday line.

    Social Studies

    Work on the End of School Memory Book in Seesaw.  You will work on it tomorrow too.

    Friday 6/5  Last Day of School!

    Join the Google Hangouts Meet at 11:00 if you would like and you are permitted to join.  Bring a Show-n-Tell to share.  This is optional.

    Finish the Memory Book in Seesaw.

    Take a selfie or have someone take a picture of you and add it to the Last Day of First Grade picture in Seesaw.  Take a look at your First day of First Grade picture I took in August.  You sure have grown!

    Happy Last Day of School!  I have enjoyed working with you and watching you learn and grow this year!  I’m going to miss you!  Please stop by our classroom and say hello when you are BIG 2nd graders next year!  Have a fun summer!


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